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Viggle Olympic Trivia Update for 8/5

5 Aug

Here is the updated list from today, thanks sd!

11-time medalist _______ was named the “World Swimmer of the Year” in 1986 and 1988. Matt Biondi
2008 Olympic 100m gold medal winner Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce hails from ___ . Jamaica
2012 Olympic track and field uniforms were designed by ____. Nike
205 nations are participating in the games this year. What was the least # of nations to participate? 12
A heptathlon consists of ___ events. 7
A London shop was fined for copyright infringement because they displayed the Olympic rings made out of ____. Bagels
A set of Olympic _____ is hanging from the Tower Bridge? Rings
A volleyball team is made up of ___ players. 12
According to legend, poet and revolutionary Tian Han wrote the lyrics to the Chinese National Anthem on ___. Tobacco paper
According to the Acura commercial you just saw, life should be equal parts responsibility and____. Fun
According to the Visa commercial you just saw, Olympians perform better when they receive support from the ___. Crowd
After the games, the BMX track will be ___. Open to the public
Aliya Mustafina was out of competition recently because of a torn ___. ACL and MCL
All of the pools at the London Aquatic Center are ___. Adjustable
All Olympic Horses must be at least ___ years old to compete in dressage and eventing. 8
All Olympic medals are being cast at the Royal Mint in ___. Wales
All participants in rhythmic gymnastics must be at least ___ years old. 16
Allyson Felix tied with ___for the third and final spot on the US track team. Jeneba Tarmoh
America’s most decorated gymnast? Shannon Miller
American athlete Steven Lopez won the gold medal in taekwondo in 2000 and ___. 2004
American decathlete Trey Hardee enjoys playing ___ in his free time. Halo
American diver Brittany Viola is the daughter of former ___ star Frank Viola. Baseball
American Fencer Mariel Zuganis is trying to win her ____ gold medal? Third
American gymnast ___ calls Port Jefferson, NY his hometown. Steven Legendre
American gymnast ___ is nicknamed “Mighty Mouse.” Kyla Ross
American gymnast Aly Raisman says her favorite sports team is ___. The Boston Bruins
American gymnast Clara Schroth Lomady’s nickname is ___. Queen of the Beam
American gymnast Danell Leyva has a pet ___. Spider
American gymnast Danell Leyva was the 2011 world champion on ___. Parallel bars
American gymnast Gabby Douglas trains with ___. Shawn Johnson
American gymnast Gabby Douglas’s nickname is ___. The flying squirrel
American gymnast John Orozco has not only conquered the high bar, pommel and rings, but the small-screen too! He’s appeared on ___. Law & Order
American gymnast Jordyn Weibers fave show is Rachel Zoe Project and __. Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
American gymnast Mckayla Maroney has a ___ named Tia Maria. Puppy
American rower Charlie Cole founded a ___ service. Tutoring
American rower Mary Whipple is also a ___ champion. Hula hoop
American runner Galen Rupp trains alongside fellow Olympian ___. Mo Farah
American runner Julie Culley was born and raised in ____. New Jersey
American runner, Maggie Vessey, gave up her dream of becoming a ___ to pursue her athletic career. Doctor
American running Shannon Rowbury says she developed her foot speed thanks to ___. Irish Dancing
American shooter Kim Rhodes wants to become the first to win ___ consecutive medals. 5
American swimmer ____ recently appeared on the cover of vogue? Ryan Lochte
American swimmer Allison Schmitt is majoring in _____. Psychology
American swimmer Amanda Beard was often photographed with her ___. Teddy Bear
American swimmer Anthony Ervin is hoping to make a comeback this year. He last competed at the ___ Games. 2000
American swimmer Brendan Hansen is the national spokesperson for ____. The Leukemia Research Foundation
American swimmer Conor Dwyer’s “ultimate way to relax” is by ___. Going to the beach
American swimmer Matt Grevers attended which MidWestern University? Northwestern University
American swimmer Missy Franklin says that her idol is ___. Natalie Coughlin
American swimmer Missy Franklin wears a size ___ shoe. 13
American swimmer Nathan Adrian attended? University of California
American swimmer Rebecca Soni first qualified for the Olympics in ___. 2008
American track star Tianna Madison rocked ___ sneakers in last night’s 100m heats? Neon yellow
American volleyball Clay Stanley’s nickname is ___. The Bird
American water polo player Tony Azevedo worked as a ___ at the 1996 Atlanta Games. Ball boy.
An interactive ___ leads to the Olympic stadium? Bridge
An Olympic triathlon consists of swimming, running and ___. Biking
Anastasia Davydova has won ___ gold medals at the Olympics. Four
Andre Agassi won the gold in the ___ Olympics. 1996
Archery first struck the Olympics in ___. 1900
As a child, British runner Hannah England was a ___ dancer. Ballet
As of last night, Michael Phelps had ___ Olympic Medals. 22
As of last night, Ryan Lochte has won a total of ___ career medals. 9
At the 2008 Olympics games in Beijing, Usain Bolt broke _____ world records. 3
At the 2012 Olympic Games, American shooter Kim Rhode will try to become the first American to win ___ consecutive medals. 5
At the 2012 Olympics, the American 3-meter springboard and synchro team will consist of Kelci Bryant and ___. Abby Johnston
At the end of last night’s all-around gymnastics competition, Aly Raisman was tied for third with ___. Aliya Mustafina
At the first modern Olympic Games in Athens, the Paine brothers won every Shooting event while ___. Drinking whiskey
At the first modern Olympics, Carl Schumann took the Gold in gymnastics and ____. Greco-Roman wrestling
At these Olympic games, the men’s basketball competition consists of ___ teams. 12
Aussie diving star Matt Mitcham started his athletic career as a ___. Tumbler
Aussie swimmer ____ is making her Olympic debut this year. Blair Evans
Aussie swimmer Christian Sprenger made his Olympic debut in ____. Beijing
Aussie swimmer James Magnussen’s nickname is ___. The Missile
Australian ___ is the only male member on his country’s gymnastics team. Josh Jefferis
Australian beach volleyball player Natalie Cook has been working on a ___. Book
Australian diving star Matt Mitcham is competing despite recent ___ in his back. Stress fractures
Australian gymnast Georgia Bonora made her Olympic debut in ___. 2008
Australian Sally Pearson won the ___ medal in the 100m hurdles at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Silver
Australian swimmers have been ordered to miss Closing Ceremonies because of offensive ___. Facebook photos
Beach Volleyball started as a ____ sport in the 1992 Olympics. Demonstration
Beach volleyball teams qualify for the Olympics based on _____ events? FIVB
Because of time constraints, an act featuring ___ was cut from this year’s Opening Ceremony. BMX Bikers
Before beginning her Olympic career, American cyclist Evelyn Stevens was a ___. Banker
Before Michael Phelps conquered Beijing, the Russian gymnast ___ had collected more medals than any other Olympian. Nikolai Andrianov
Before qualifying for the US cycling team, Alise Post was almost a member of the US ___ squad. Gymnastics
Before the Games, Kobe Bryant made headlines by publicly arguing with former Olympian ___. Michael Jordan
Before these games, Team USA has won a total of ___ medals in Summer Games. 2,297
Before these Games, the USA had ___ medals in swimming. 489
Ben Ainsle, the star of Great Britain’s sailing team has ___ Olympic medals. 4
Big Ben will chime __ to launch the Games. 40 times
Blanka Vlasic was the first ___ to be honored with the European Athlete of the Year Award. High jumper
BMX biking developed out of _____. Motorcross
BMX biking originated in ___. California
Boris Johnson, London’s eccentric mayor, is famous for his ___. Hair
Boxing legend Sugar Ray Legend won a gold medal in ___. 1976
Brazil women’s beach volleyball player Larissa Franca owns a successful ____ business. Party Planning
Brazilian beach volleyball player Maria Elisa Antonelli has a piece of ___ glued to her tooth. Jewelry
Brazilian swimmer ____ won 2 Olympic medals and broke a world record within a one-year span. Cesar Cielo
Brazil’s volleyball superstar goes by Giba. His first name is actually? Gilberto
Brenton Rickard has ___ Australian swimming titles under his belt. 19
British distance runner Claire Hallisey made her marathon debut in ___. New York
British diver ___ overcame a serious head injury to earn a spot on the National Team. Monique Gladding
British fencer James Honeybone is famous for his ___. Body art
British gymnast ___ holds a degree in sports science from Liverpool John Moores University. Beth Tweddle
British Judo star Ashley McKenzie got into the sport after fighting over a ___. Pokemon card
British rower Steve Redgrave has won ___ gold medals. 5
British taekwondo athlete Sarah Stevenson won her first medal during her ___ Olympic appearance. Third
Canadian diver ___ pursued the sport after watching Anne Pelletier in 1996? Roseline Filton
Canadian taekwondo athlete Karine Sergerie originally practiced ___. Karate
Celebrated Chinese track star Liu Xiang has a ___ insurance policy for his legs. $13.3 million
China scooped up 14 gymnastics medals during the Beijing games – how many of them were gold? 9
China’s National Anthem is called ____. March of the Volunteers
China’s superstar badminton player Wang Yihan was defeated in 2008 Games by her current __. Coach
Chinese diver Chen Ruolin burst onto the international diving scene when she was just ___. 13
Chinese diver Chen Ruolin is the defending champion in the individual 10 m and ___. Synchro 10 m
Chinese synchronized women’s divers Wang Hao and Chen Ruolin have been partners for ___ years. 2
Chobani is an official sponsor of Team USA, as well as this country’s market leader in ___. Greek yogurt
Chu Mu-Yen won his second medal in taekwondo at the _______ Olympics. 2008
Congrats Rebecca! She first qualified for the Olympics in ___. 2008
Congrats Tyler Clary! Last night, he won his 200m backstroke prelim despite an injured ___. Wrist
Countries are allowed up to ___ trampolinists in the Olympics. 4
Croquet is an Olympic sport. False
Cuba won gold in women’s volleyball at ___ consecutive Olympics. 3
Cuban track star Dayron Robles started his Track & Field career at the age of ___. 10
Cyclist Christa Luding-Rothenburger was the first person to medal in both the Winter and Summer Olympics in ___. The same year
Cyclist Taylor Phinney’s parents are both Olympic medalists in ____. Cycling
Danell Leyva was born in ___. Cuba
Danell Leyva was the 2011 world champion on ___. Parallel bars
Deng Yaping won how many table tennis world championships? Six
Despite being a US citizen, WNBA star Becky Hammon is a member of the ___ National Team. Russian
Destinee Hooker is rocking the court as a volleyball player at these Olympics but she almost competed at the 2008 Olympics in ___. Track and field
Diver ____ holds record for highest single-dive score in history of competition? Matt Mitcham
Dominique Dawes was the first African-American gymnast to win ___. An individual Olympic medal
During his college career, volleyball player Todd Rodgers ranked ___ in career digs. Second
During last night’s competition, swimmer Matt Grevers was being cheered on by his ___. Fiancee
During the 2008 Beijing Games, Michael Phelps broke ___ world records. 7
During the cycling phase of an Olympic triathlon, ___ is allowed. Drafting
During the qualifying round, the Chinese coach used Buddhist calming ___. Beads
During these games beach volleyball will be played at ___. Horse Guard Parade
During this year’s Opening Ceremony hundreds of flying Mary Poppins battled ultra-baddie ___. Voldemort
During this year’s Opening Ceremony, David Beckham delivered the Torch by ___. Speedboat
During this year’s Opening Ceremony, Mr. Bean won his race after an assist from a ___. Car
During this year’s Opening Ceremony, the pastoral landscape was transformed by ___. Smoke Stacks
During this year’s Parade of Nations, each delegation was directed by a woman wearing a dress covered in _____. Faces
Dutch beach volleyball player Richard Schuil play competitive ___ in winter. Billiards
Dutch field hockey star Teun de Nooijer is appearing in his __ Olympics. Fourth
Dutch rider Anky van Grunsven won the Individual dressage gold medal at the 2004 games while ____. pregnant
Each Olympic BMX event is expected to last ___. 40 seconds
Each Olympic soccer team consists of ___ players. 11
Earlier in the Olympics Ryan Lochte informed us that he loves ____. Shoes
Earlier in the Olympics, Allison Schmitt won a ___ medal in the 200m freestyle. Gold
Earlier in the Olympics, American Caitlin Leverenz took home the ___ medal in the 200m individual medley. Bronze
Earlier in the Olympics, China was tied ___ for 1st place after the first round of men’s synchronized diving. Great Britain
Earlier in the Olympics, Great Britain took the ___ medal in gym’s gymnastics. Bronze
Earlier in the Olympics, Michael Phelps came in ___ in the 400M IM. 4th
Earlier in the Olympics, Team USA wore ___ sparkly leotards. Red
Earlier in the Olympics, who won the men’s 400m freestyle swimming gold medal? Sun Yang
Earlier in these Olympics, Chad le Clos won the gold medal in the 200m butterfly while representing ___. South Africa
Earlier in these Olympics, China won their ___ consecutive gold medal in synchronized diving in the London Games. 3rd
Earlier in these Olympics, Matt Grevers finished 1st in the men’s 100m ___ semifinals. Backstroke
Earlier in these Olympics, Michael Phelps finished ___ in the men’s 200m butterfly final. Second
Earlier in these Olympics, Michael Phelps won ANOTHER gold medal in the ___. 100m butterfly
Earlier in these Olympics, Ruta Meilutyte finished 1st in the women’s 100m breaststroke semifinals. How old is she? 15
Earlier in these Olympics, Team USA wore ___ during the first night of Track & Field. Red
Earlier in these Olympics, the American women’s gymnastics team won gold last night by __ points. 5
Earlier in these Olympics, the men’s 400m IM was won by ___. Ryan Lochte
Earlier in these Olympics, the US synchronized diving of Kelci Bryant and ____ wowed the world. Abby Johnston
Earlier in these Olympics, Veronica Campbell-Brown won her 100m heat. What country is she representing at the Games? Jamaica
Earlier in this ceremony, beach Volleyball players Misty May and Kerri’s ___streak was snapped. Consecutive Sets
Earlier in this ceremony, beach volleyball power team Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh played against the Schwaigger sisters from ___. Austria
Earlier in this Olympics, American runner Matthew Centrowitz finished ___ in his 1500m heat. 5th
Earlier in this Olympics, Serbia had ___ unforced errors in their first set of against the US volleyball team. 10
Entering this year’s Olympics, Michael Phelps had won ___ medals in his Olympic career. 16
Equestrian athlete Beezie Madden goes by the childhood name given to her by her __. Great grandmother.
Equestrian athlete Hiroshi Hoketsu is the ___ Japanese Olympian to ever compete. Oldest
Equestrian athlete Isabella Werth developed her own ___. Sportswear collection
Equestrian athlete Karen O’Connor took up riding after watching British royal family member __. Princess Anne
Equestrian athlete Phil Dutton rode for ___ before he became a US citizen. Australia
Equestrian competition is made up of ___ disciplines. 3
Every country can send __ beach volleyball teams to the Olympics. 2
Famous actress who competed in 2000 for archery? Geena Davis
Field hockey is the _____ oldest sport of the modern Olympic games. Third
Field Hockey player Katelyn Falgowski earned a spot on the US National Team when she was ___ years old. 14
Field Hockey player Keli Smith-Puzo is appearing in her 2nd Olympics. She recently had a ___. Baby
Field hockey star Jamie Dwyer plays for the ___ team. Australian
First Olympic champions in synchronized swimming, Candy Costie and Tracie Rutz, represented ___. The USA
Five-time gold medalist swimmer Aaron Peirsol’s speciality is the ____. Backstroke
For the first time ever, Olympic field hockey will be played on ___. Blue turf
For the first time ever, the US is sending ___ to the Olympics. More women than men
Former Olympian Carly Patterson made a cameo in the gymnastics-inspired movie ___. Stick it
Four Olympic badminton teams were disqualified for ___. Trying to lose
Francis Scott Key wrote the lyrics to the National Anthem while watching ___. The attack on Fort McHenry
French handball player Thierry Omeyer is a serious ___ player. Poker
French steeplechasser Mahiedine Mekhissi Benabbad has a history of beating up___. Mascots
From 776 B.C. to A.D. 393, the Olympics were a ___ event. Religious
Gabby Douglas began training at age ___. 6
Gabby Douglas is the ___ American woman to win gold in the all-around competition. 4th
German athlete Betty Heidler works for the ___ when she isn’t training. Police Force
German beach volleyball player Julius Brink is studying? Sports Economics
Germany’s Jonas Reckermann competed in __ before starting volleyball. Javelin
Gold medalist Barbora Spotakova admits that her guiltiest pleasure is ___. Beer
Great Britain’s Tom Daley made his Olympic diving debut at age ___. 14
Great Britain’s hometown hero Jessica Ennis is __ years old. 26
Greek triple jumper Voula Papachris tou was expelled from the Games for a ___. Tweet
Grenadian sprinter Kirani James attended University of ___. Alabama
Group competition was added to rhythmic gymnastics at the ___ Summer Olympics. 1996
Gymnast Louis Smith was allowed to leave the Olympic Village for an appointment with his ___. Barber
Gymnast Shawn Johnson appeared on ___. Dancing with the Stars
Gymnasts Alex Naddour and Jake Dalton aren’t just members of Team USA – they also tumble for ___. The University of Oklahoma
Handball is believed to have developed from the ancient Roman sport of ___. Harpaston
Handball player Mikkel Hansen is called ___. The Hammer
How many American gymnasts stepped out of bounds during the floor exercise in the qualifying round? 3
How many Americans watched this year’s Opening Ceremony? 40.7 million
How many athletes are staying in the Olympic village? 18,000
How many big screens will be showing the Games around London? 22
How many events for gymnastics are slated to take place at the Olympics? 14
How many gymnasts are slated to compete at the London games? 196
How many men have won 4 Olympic medals in Tennis? 3
How many meters does Ryan Lochte swim in a week? 70,000 meters
How many people can the Olympic Stadium hold? 80,000
How many swimmers are expected to compete at the 2012 London games? 950
How many swimming events are scheduled for the 2012 Games in London? 34
How many times did Lars Hall win the Olympic title in Modern Pentathlon? Twice
How many times has the US hosted the Summer Olympics? 4
How many volunteers are scheduled to direct visitors at London airports every day? 1,000
How much is a cup of tea at the Olympics? $3.00
How old is Ruta Meilutyte? 15
In 1920, Oscar Swahn earned a silver medal in shooting. He was the oldest Olympian to win a medal at ___ years old. 72
In 1956, the Hungarians and Soviets played an infamous Olympic match known as? Blood in the water
In 1984, “Sports Illustrated” named American gymnast ___ the “Sportswoman of the Year.” Mary Lou Retton
In 1988, Canada’s Olympic sailor Lawrence Lemieux gave up his chance at a medal to ___. Save two sailors
In 1994, “USA Today” called Misty May-Treanor the best volleyball player in the ___. Nation
In 2001, the Queen of England commanded the guard at Buckingham Palace to play the ___ National Anthem? American
In 2004, Meb Keflezighi became the first American man to win Olympic medal in the marathon since ____. 1976
In 2004, the US Men’s Basketball team settled for a bronze medal after suffering its ____ loss in program history. 3rd
In 2008, German diving teammates Sascha Klein and Patrick Hausding took home a ___ medal in 10-meter synchro. Silver
In 2008, Michael Phelps’ gold medal winning streak was almost broken by Serbian swimmer ___. Milorad Cavic
In 2008, Rebecca Adlington became the first British swimmer to win two gold medals since ___. 1908
In 2008, the opening ceremony was held in the ___stadium in Beijing. Bird’s Nest
In 2008, United States defeated ____ in order to secure the gold medal in basketball. Spain
In 2010, Christian Cantwell was the 1st man to win ___ shot put titles at the World Indoor Championships. 3
In 2012, Olympic track and field uniforms were designed by? Nike
In badminton, players battle it out with a shuttlecock. A shuttlecock is also called a ___. Birdie
In beach volleyball, a one-handed block is a ___. Kong
In beach volleyball, a spade is also called an ____. Ace
In beach volleyball, players don’t wear ___. Shoes
In beach volleyball, there are ___ referees. 2
In BMX biking slang, a “bunny-hop” is a ___. Two-wheel lift
In BMX biking, a banked corner is called a ____. Berm
In fencing, the thin thrusting sword is known as the ____. Foil
In gymnastics, the vaulting table replaced the vaulting horse in ___. 2001
In high school, Kerri Walsh Jennings played volleyball against ___. Misty May-Treanor
In last night’s 1500m preliminaries, the top ___ finishers in each heat progressed to the semifinals. 6
In last night’s 200m breaststroke, Rebecca Soni broke the world record previously set by ___. Herself
In last night’s men 50m freestyle semifinals, Cullen Jones tied for 1st with ___. Cesar Cielo
In men’s gymnastics, the Iron Cross is a skill used on the ___. Rings
In NBC’s scoring system, green means ___. Great
In Olympic gymnastics, the rings event is only for ___. Men
In Olympic soccer, each period is ___ minutes long. 45 minutes
In order to break the tie and determine the bronze medal winner in last night’s all-around the judges ___. Dropped beam scores
In rhythmic gymnastics group events, each team performs ___ routines. 2
In Soccer there are 17 laws known as ____. Laws of the Game
In swimming, a “rabbit” has the task of ____. Setting a fast pace
In taekwondo, one competitor wears red, and the other wears _____. Blue
In the 2012 Olympics, the women’s extra-lightweight judo class is ___ kg. 48 kg
In the AT&T commercial you just saw, Olympics marathoner Ryan Hall runs while listening to ___. The Odyssey
In the AT&T commercial, Olympian _____ swam across the open ocean to get to London. Ryan Lochte
In the Cadillac commercial you just saw , the car was tested on the Guoliang Tunnel in ___. China
In the Coca-Cola commercial you just saw, athletes were doing their thing to the beats of ___. Mark Ronson
In the commercial you just saw, Olympic tennis players Bob and Mike Bryan use Citibank’s ___. Mobile check deposit
In the Directv commercial you just saw, the Brit comedian _____ explains their best offer of the year. John Cleese
In the EPEE category in fencing, fencers are awarded points for landing a blow ____. Anywhere
In the McDonalds commercial you just saw, this athlete is going for the gold…and a Big Mac. LeBron James
In the Old Spice commercial you just saw, the hero listened to ___. A self-help tape
In the SABRE category in fencing, participants are awarded points for landing a blow ___. Above the waist
In the Samsung Galaxy S III commercial, the athletes tap their phones together to share a ___. Flame
In the UK poppies are a symbol of ___. Remembrance
In the United States commercial you just saw, Team USA gathered in a ___. Airport
In this year’s Opening Ceremony featured a jazzy tribute to British institution ___. The National Health Service
In this year’s Opening Ceremony, an East End love story kicked off when the lady lost her ___. Phone
In this year’s Opening Ceremony, hundreds of flying Mary Poppins battled ultra-baddie ___. Voldemort
In this year’s Opening Ceremony, the audience participated with ___. LED lights
In this year’s Opening Ceremony, Mr. Bean won his race after an assist from a ___. Car
In Volleyball, the libero player is a ___ specialist. Defensive
Instead of the NBA standard 12-minute quarters, Olympic teams lock horns for 4 ___ minute quarters. 10
Irvington, New Jersey is the hometown of American gold medalist ___. Cullen Jones
Israeli shooter Sergey Richter used a side business as a ___ to finance his Olympic training? Shooting Instructor
Italian volleyball player Carolina Costagrande was born in ___. Argentina
Italian weightlifter Behdad Salimikordasiabi won the Asian Games while suffering from ___. Swine flu
Italian women’s beach volleyball player Greta Cicolari serves in the Italian ___ Air Force
Jamaica’s National Anthem was created by a national ___. Competition.
Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt’s first love is running. His second love is ___. Cars
Jamaica’s superstar runner Usain Bolt has been suffering from a ___ injury. Hamstring
Jamie Staff, the Director of US Cycling’s Sprint Program, was born and raised in ___. Great Britain
Japanese gymnast Kohei Uchimura has a ___ in his backyard. Gym
Japanese swimmer Kosuke Kitajima was the first to win both ___ races at consecutive Olympics. Breaststroke
Jen Kessy played indoor volleyball professionally for the ___. Chicago Thunder
Judo first hit the Olympic mat in ____. 1964
Julie Zetlin is the first American to compete in rhythmic gymnastics since ____. 2004
Katherine Curtis organized a synchronized swimming show for the 1933 World’s Fair in ___. Chicago
Kayaks can have up to ___ kayakers. 4
Kelly Smith made her soccer debut at age _____. 17
Last night, Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas sported ___ leotards in the all-around gymnastics competition. Pink
Last night, Rebecca Soni won the ___ medal in the 200m breaststroke. Gold
Last night, Ryan Lochte won ___ in the men’s 200m backstroke. Silver
Last night, Team USA won the ___ medal in women’s 8 rowing. Gold
Last night, Team USA’s swim coach called the women’s 4×200 relay team the ___. Smiley Group
Last night, Tyler Clary won a gold medal in ___. 200m backstroke
Lia Neal is the ___ African American woman to make the US swimming team. Second
Lin Dan is currently the world’s #1 badminton player, but he’s most famous for his off-court drama. His most infamous stunt was ___. Punching his own coach
London 2012 also offers maintenance for ___. Bicycles
London 2012 features 18,800 places to park a ___. Bicycle
London 2012 is the first time that the same logo is used for both the Olympics and the ___. Paralympics
London 2012 triathlon will take place in ______. Hyde Park
London gets around with a public transit system called the ___. Underground
London previously hosted the Olympics in 1908 and ___. 1948
Malaysian badminton star Lee Chong Wei made headlines he fixed his ailing ankle with ____. Stem cells
Marathoner Guor Marial will be running under the ___ flag. Olympic
Mariel Zuganis is the first American fencing champion in ____ years. 100
Men’s beach volleyball player Alsion Cerutti is also known as the Brazilian ___. Beast
Mexico’s 10-meter synchronized diving team consists of Ivan Garcia and ___. German Sanchez
Michael Phelps’ 200m freestyle record was broken at the 2009 World Championships by ___. Paul Biedermann
Michael Phelps called Missy a ___. Stud
Michael Phelps made his Olympic swimming debut in ___. 2000
Missouri-born gymnast Sarah Finnegan’s favorite food is ___. Mashed potatoes and green bean casserole
Missy Franklin’s nickname is ___. Missy the Missile
Misty May is married to a ___ player. Baseball
Misty May-Treanor played her first volleyball tournament with her ______. Father
Misty May-Treanor’s 1st beach volleyball partner was ___. Holly McPeak
Mohammed Ali
Natalie Cook is the ___ woman playing beach volleyball at this Olympics. Oldest
Nickelodeon’s “Figure It Out” was originally hosted by Olympic champ ___. Summer Sanders
Norwegian athlete Andreas Thorkidlsen won gold in ___ at both the 2004 and 2008 Olympics. Javelin
Not counting blocks, a volleyball team may touch the ball ___ times on its side of the net. 3
O, Canada became Canada’s National Anthem in ___. 1980
O, Canada was originally written in ___. French
Olympic BMX bikes wheel diameter? 20 inches
Olympic diving used to be known as ___ diving. Fancy
Olympic officials are offering a refund to some diving fans because of ___. A restricted view
Olympic Park features a living art installation with ___. 10 Trees.
Olympic Park features brand new art installation that says? Run
Olympic Park is the ___ largest stadium in Britain. Third
Olympic rhythmic gymnastics has only ____participants. Female
Olympic table tennis player Chuang Tse-Tung won how many world singles titles in a row? Three
Olympic Taekwondo is divided into ___ weight classes. 8
On average, London hotel rooms rates have spiked ____ for the games? 60%
One the hardest vaults, the Amanar, is named after a gymnast from ___. Romania
Performers dressed as ___ at the opening ceremony of the 2004 Olympic games. Greek Statues
Presidential candidate Mitt Romney co-owns a horse competing in Olympics named? Ralfalca
Prior to 1984, China was not allowed to compete in diving because the International Swimming Federation (FINA) was protesting their ___. Government
Prior to last night, the American women’s gymnastics team had not won a team Gold since ___. 1996
Prior to last night, who was the last American gymnast to win gold in the all-around competition? Natasia Luikin
Procter and Gamble’s Olympics commercials features athletes being supported by their ___. Mothers
Procter and Gambles Olympic commercials feature athletes being supported by ____. Their moms.
Proctor and Gamble’s Olympics commercial feature athletes being supported by their ___. Mothers
Rebecca Soni first qualified for the Olympics in ___ 2008
Rebecca Soni speaks English and ___. Hungarian
Reportedly, beds in the Olympic Village are ___ long. 5’8”
Retired Italian volleyball star Andrea Giani won ___ world championships during his career. Three
Rhythmic gymnast Anna Alyabyeva represents Kazakhstan but trains in ___. Russia
Rhythmic gymnast Yevgeniya Kanayeva won her first gold medal in ____. Beijing
Rhythmic gymnastics is scored on a ____ point scale. 30
Ricky Berens found out he was Michael Phelps’ replacement in the 200m freestyle on ___. Twitter
Rohullah Nikpai became the first Afghan Olympic medalist during the ____ games. 2008
Romanian rower Elisabeta Oleniuc-Lipa is the first rower to complete in ___ Olympics. 6
Rowing has been part of the Summer Olympics since____. 1900
Russian gymnast Daria Kondakova was born in Sochi, which will host the ___ Winter Games. 2014
Russian high jumper Anna Chicherova won gold at the World Championship shortly after ___. Returning from maternity leave
Russian rhythmic gymnast Yulia Barsukova specializes in ___. Ballet
Russian volleyball star Yekaterina Gamova’s nickname is ___. Game Over
Ryan Lochte uses a 150-lb ___ in his workout. Tire
Ryan Lochte’s bronze medal in last night’s 200m backstroke was his ___ Olympic medal. 10th
Sailing legend Ben Ainsle needs one more mold medal to surpass ___ as the most successful sailor in Olympic history. Paul Elvstrom
Sam Rosenthal taught ___ to play volleyball. Himself
Sega is sending Sonic and Mario to the Olympic Games. Sonic and Mario are ___. Video game characters
She may be on Team UK, but gymnast ___ was actually born in South Africa. Beth Tweedle
Shot put probably evolved out from the medieval tradition of chuckling ___ for fun. Cannonballs
Since 1960, the US Men’s team hasn’t been defeated in the ___. 4×100 meter medley relay
Six actors have played James Bond on the big screen. Which one of them played 007 in this year’s Opening Ceremony? Daniel Craig
Slovakian canoe starts Peter and Pavol Hochschorner are ___. Twins
Soccer player Cobi Jones played the majority of his career with the ___. Los Angeles Galaxy
Soccer player Mia Hamm led the United States to ___ World Cup Titles. 2
Some people refer to Table Tennis as ___. Ping Pong
South African trackstar Oscar Pistorius has been called the fastest man with ___. No legs
Standout American diver Christina Loukas attended ___ University. Indiana
Steffen Peters is the most successful American rider in ___. Dressage
Stephen Colbert recently declared_______ the sport of the summer? Dressage
Swimmer ___ swapped the pool for the “Dancing with the Stars” ballroom in 2009. Natalie Coughlin
Swimmer Caitlin McClatchey is in a relationship with fellow British swimmer ___. Liam Tancock
Swimmer Eamon Sullivan was the first winner of the Australian edition of ___. Celebrity Masterchef.
Swimming became Olympic sport? 1896
Swimming is run by an organizing body called FINA. What does FINA stand for? Federation Internationale de Nationale
Synchronized swimmers use ___ to keep their hair in place. Gelatin
Synchronized swimming became an Olympic sport in ___. 1984
Synchronized swimming is one of the two Olympic sports in which only women compete. The other sport is ___ . Rhythmic gymnastics
Synchronized swimming was popularized in the 1900s by Australian swimmer ___. Annette Kellerman
Table tennis has been an Olympic sport since ___. 1988
Table Tennis is controlled by the organization ___. International Table Tennis Federation
Table tennis player Ariel Hsing is ___ years old. 16
Table tennis player Erica Wu’s biggest pet peeve is ___. Soggy cereal
Table Tennis player Timothy Wang is naturally ___. Ambidextrous
Table Tennis was first played in ____. 1880
Taekwondo awards two ___ medals in each weight category. Bronze
Taekwondo became an official Olympic sport in __. 2000
Taekwondo became an Olympic sport after ___ demonstration appearances. 2
Taekwondo is a ___ martial art. Korean
Talented US sailor Paige Railey missed the 2008 Olympics after a ___ caused her boat to capsize. Tangled lifejacket
Tamsin Hinchley is the ___ woman playing beach volleyball at this Olympics. Tallest
Tania Cagnotto of ___ is the only female diver from her country to medal at an international competition. Italy
Tania Cagnotto placed ___ in the Synchronized 3m Springboard event earlier in these Olympics. 4th
Team USA has only won one medal in _____. Triathlon
Team USA synchronized divers Kelci and Abby both collect ___. Rubber ducks
Team USA won ____ medals in 2008 in Beijing. 110
Team USA’s bumps and bruises are covered by ___, the athlete’s Official Health Insurance Provider. Highmark
Team USA’s gymnasts finished their stellar performance last night on the ___ event. Floor
Tennis player Steffi Graf won the Gold in ___. 1988
Tennis star Andy Roddick is married to supermodel ___. Brooklyn Decker
Tennis star Maria Sharapova is engaged to a ___ basketball player. Slovenian
Tennis star Maria Sharapova missed the 2008 Games because of a ___. Torn rotator cuff
Tennis star Roger Federer carried the Swiss flag at the ____ Games. 2004 and 2008
Tennis was dropped as an Olympic sport in____. 1924
Tennis was part of the first modern Olympic Games in ___. 1896
The #1 ranked triathlete in the world is ___. Alistair Brownlee
The 1896 Olympic gymnastics competition included ___. Rope climbing
The 1948 London Olympics were supposed to be held in ___. 1944
The 2008 Summer Games included ___ sports. 28
The 2008 US Men’s Basketball Team was dubbed the ___. Redeem Team
The 2012 Games will be opened by the Queen & Prince ___. Philip
The 2012 Olympic track & field uniforms were designed by___. Nike
The Argentinian men’s basketball team is led by San Antonio Spurs star ___. Manu Ginobili
The Aussies picked up ___ medals in swimming at the 2008 Summer Games. 20
The Australian basketball team, which earned a silver medal in 2008, is led by top center ____. Lauren Jackson
The British have spent ___ cleaning up London’s East End for the Games. $10 billion
The Brits are throwing a special Olympic fashion show featuring supermodels Lily Cole and ___. Kate Moss
The Chevrolet commercial you just saw features their ___ guarantee. Love it, or return it
The Chinese Diving Team has won ___ of the category’s last 40 gold medals. 27
The defending women’s 3-meter springboard diving champion is___. Wu Minxia
The Dutch field hockey squad is led by Maartje Paumen. She scored a record ___ goals in 2008. 11
The English national anthem as first performance in___. 1745
The equestrian competition is made up of ___ disciplines. 3
The first American to earn an Olympic medal for swimming was ___. Charles Daniels
The first athlete to swim the 100m in under a minute was ___. Johnny Weissmuller
The first ever gold medal for swimming was awarded to a ___ man in 1896. Hungarian
The first modern-day Olympics were held in ___. 1896
The first nation to sweep the gold medals in volleyball was ___. The Soviet Union
The first Olympic BMX event was held at the ____ Games. 2008
The first Olympic champions in synchronized swimming, Candy Costie and Tracie Ruiz, represented ___. The USA
The first Olympic tournament for Women’s Basketball was held in ___. Montreal
The first Olympic Triathlon was held in ___. 1904
The first Olympics that women were allowed to compete in weightlifting was ___. 2000
The first Olympics were held in ___. Greece
The First poem commissioned for Olympic Park is called ___. The Spark Catchers
The first Romanian to take home Olympic gold in swimming was ___. Diana Mocanu
The first swimmer to win gold medals at 3 consecutive Olympic games was ___. Dawn Faser
The first synchronized swimming competition in North America was held in ___. Montreal
The first televised Summer Games was ___. 1964
The first tie in Olympic swimming history was between ____. Nancy Hogshead and Carrie Steinseifer
The first time Bob Costas covered the Olympics was in ___. 1992
The first time London hosted the Olympics was 1908. Rome was originally supposed to host but had to cancel because of a ___. Volcanic Eruption.
The first US woman to medal in Taekwondo at the Olympics was ___. Nia Nichole Abdallah
The first woman to win 6 gold medals during a single Olympic Games was ___. Kristin Otto
The first year professional basketball players were allowed to compete in the Olympics was ___. 1992
The first year that women competed in Olympic wrestling was ___. 2004
The first year women competed in the Olympics was ___. 1900
The first-ever gold medal in Men’s BMX was awarded to Maris Stromsberg of ___. Latvia
The first-ever gold medal in Women’s BMX was awarded to Anne-Caroline Chausson of ___. France
The French men’s basketball team is captained by San Antonio Spurs guard ___. Tony Parker
The governing body of Taekwondo is ___. WTF
The governing body of tennis is known as ___. ITF
The governing body of wrestling is ___. FILA
The gymnastics apparatus pommel horse was originally used by ___ to practice their equestrian skills. Soldiers
The gymnasts are competing at the ___ this year. North Greenwich Arena
The gymnasts are competing in the North Greenwich Arena. Which other Olympic event is hosted at the arena? Basketball
The High Egyptian Islamic Council has issued an edict declaring that Olympian athletes can ___. Eat
The highest degree of difficulty for an Olympic dive is ___. 4.1
The Infiniti JX commercial you just saw features this technology. ___ Backup collision intervention system
The Italian National team is a perennial fencing powerhouse, earning an unmatched ___ gold medals. 45
The Jamaican National Anthem was written in ___. 1962
The Japanese men’s gymnastics team won five straight team Golds starting in ___. 1956
The last year that “plain high diving” was an Olympic event was _____.1924
The London 2012 mascots are animations of ___. Drops of steel
The London 2012 medals are being housed in ___. Tower of London
The London 2012 medals feature the river___. Thames
The London 2012 megastore carries over ___ different products. 2500
The London 2012 megastore is more than ___ sq meters. 4,000
The London 2012 triathlon will take place in ___. Hyde Park
The lone NBA representative on Great Britain’s National Team is ___. Luol Deng
The lyrics of “The Star Spangled Banner” were written by _____. Francis Scott Key
The McDonalds commercial featured Olympian Marlen Esparza. Marlen is competing in ___. Boxing
The McDonald’s commercial you just saw featured Olympic superstar ___. Lolo Jones
The melody of “God Save the Queen” was “borrowed” for the American song ___. My Country, Tis of Thee
The Minute Maid commercial you just saw featured ___ orange juice. Pure squeezed
The Modern Pentathlon features fencing, swimming, horseback riding and ___. Running
The modern triathlon made it’s Olympic debut in ___. 2000
The most famous instrumental cover of the National Anthem was recorded by ___. Jimi Hendrix
The most iconic pentathlete ever was ___. Andres Balczo
The most successful country in men’s field hockey history is ___. India
The most sustainable Olympic stadium ever built is ___. The Olympic Park in London
The new NBC show “Go On” features former “Friends” star ___. Matthew Perry
The new NBC show “Stars Earn Stripes” premieres the ___ after the Olympics. Monday
The official song of the Olympics is performed by ___. Muse
The Olympic Games has ___ boxing events. 13
The Olympic park has ____ seats. 80,000
The Olympic ring colors are blue, green, red, yellow and ___. Black
The Olympic rings were “forged” during this year’s Opening Ceremony. The metal was carried to the fire in a trough the shape of ___. The Thames
The Olympic sculpture called the Orbit has a viewing platform that’s ___ meters high. 85
The Olympic Torch Relay traveled to more than ___ places in the U.K. 1,000
The Olympics are being commemorated with ___ coins. £5
The only American swimmer to compete in 5 Olympic games is ___. Dana Torres
The only men’s volleyball player to win medals in both indoor and beach volleyball is ___. Karch Kiraly
The only non-Chinese diver to win Gold at the 2008 Olympics was ___. Matt Mitcham
The only swimmer to win every race at a single Olympic games was American ___. Ethelda Bleibtrey
The only time the National Anthem charted on Billboard, it was sung by ___. Whitney Houston
The only Williams sister to take home a Gold in tennis at the Olympics is ___.Venus
The original name for volleyball is ___. Mintonette
The Pizza Hut commercial you just saw says you can get any pizza, any size and any toppings for ___. $10
The Queen arrived at this year’s Opening Ceremony by ___. Sky dive
The Queen is saluted for ___ verses of the English national anthem, “God Save the Queen.” All
The record for the 200m freestyle is currently held by ____. Yannick Agnel
The Russian men’s basketball team will be led by former Utah Jazz star _____. Andrei Kirilenko
The Russians have rented a field next to the iconic ___. Kensington Palace
The Spanish men’s beach volleyball teams trains on the ___. Canary Islands
The Star-Spangled Banner is notoriously difficult to sing because the melody spans a ___. 12th
The Star-Spangled Banner was first performed in ___. 1814
The Star-Spangled Banner was written during the ___. War of 1812
The success of the Summer Olympics led to the creation of the ___. Winter Olympics
The swimmers will compete at ___ in London this summer. Olympic Park
The T-Mobile commercial you just saw boasts ___ towers and counting. 35,000
The top three male competitors in Foil category are all ___. Italian
The two putting styles used in shot put competition are the glide and the ___. Spin
The UK’s top-ranking trampolinist is ___. Kat Driscol
The UK’s triathlon team features ___. Brothers
The United States has hosted ___ Olympics. 4
The US basketball team has been pranking each other by taking photos when others players ___. Fall asleep
The US boycotted the ___ Summer Games. 1980
The US diving team hasn’t won an Olympic medal since ___. 2000
The US gymnasts ended last night’s all-around competition on the ___. Floor
The US has hosted ___ Olympics. 4
The US men’s basketball team has 2 three-time Olympians: LeBron James and ___. Carmelo Anthony
The US men’s basketball team is coach by Mike Krzyzewski of ___. Duke University
The US men’s Field Hockey team has recorded exactly ___ total wins in Olympic competition. 0
The US men’s basketball team is led by Lebron James. Lebron just won his first NBA title with the ___. Miami Heat.
The US narrowly lost to ___ in the men’s 4x100m freestyle swimming relay earlier in these Olympics. France
The US swim team used their training camp downtime to film a video for ___. Call Me Maybe
The US took the Gold in men’s individual archery in ____. 1996
The US women’s basketball team is coached by ___. Geno Auriemma
The US women’s national basketball team has won the last ___ Olympic gold medals. 4
The US, the USSR, Yugoslavia and ___ have won gold in basketball. Argentina
The Visa commercial you just saw featured the first gymnast to get a perfect 10 as a score. Who was it? Nadia Comaneci
The Visa commercial you just saw was narrated by a famous actor. Who was it? Morgan Freeman
The website is managed by American swimmer ____. Garrett Weber-Gale
The world’s top-ranked epee fencer, Nikolai Novosjolov, is representing ___ in the Games. Estonia
The youngest female Olympian in Modern Pentathlon history was __. Aya Medany
The youngest female Olympic beach volleyball player to win a Gold was ___. Xue Chen
There are ___ disciplines of canoeing in Olympic competition. Two
There are ___ judges for each men’s gymnastic event. 8
There are ___ medal events for water polo at the Olympics. Two
These games have been branded “The Year of the Women” because every participating country has sent ____. At least one female athlete
This year is the ___ year that US women have boxed in the Olympics. First
This year, Atos will be providing the technological support for the Olympic and _____ games. Paralympic
This year, Olympic female beach volleyball players can wear ____. Shorts
This year, the Cauldron was lit by ___. Young British athletes
This year’s Opening Ceremony featured an appearance by author ___. JK Rowling.
This year’s Opening Ceremony featured the inventor of the Internet. Who was it? Tim Berners-Lee
This year’s Opening Ceremony featured the Queen’s beloved dogs. What breed are they? Corgis
This year’s Opening Ceremony features nine live ___. Geese
This year’s Opening Ceremony was directed by ___. Danny Boyle
This year’s tallest American athlete is ____. Tyson Chandler
This year’s basketball tournament will feature the first-ever Olympic appearance of the ___ National Team. Nigerian
This year’s Olympic diving field consists of over _______ athletes. 250
This year’s Opening Ceremony featured ___ from around the British Isles. Children’s Choirs
This year’s Opening Ceremony featured the beloved Queen song ___. Bohemian Rhapsody
This year’s Opening Ceremony opened with a monologue by famous English writer ___. William Shakespeare
This year’s Opening Ceremony was named ___. The Isles of Wonder
To celebrate the Olympics, the Royal Mint pressed commemorative coins featuring ___ gods. Roman
To earn money while training, US runner Morgan Uceny works at a ___. Pet store
To help coordinate international arrivals, the British have accepted help from the ___. TSA
Today, London Mayor Boris Johnson got stuck on a ___. Zip line
Todd Rodgers has a ___ court in his backyard. Beach Volleyball
Todd Rodgers played indoor volleyball at ___. UCSB
Todd Rodgers was Association of Volleyball Player’s Rookie of the Year in ___.1997
Tom Daley was the youngest ___ European Champion ever. 10m platform
Top-ranked shooter Alessandra Perelli represents San Marino, a country that has won ____ Olympic medals. 0
Top-ranked US archer Brady Ellison has a fan website run by his ___. Mom
Track & Field star Bernard Lagat competed for ___ before becoming an American citizen. Kenya
Trampoline athlete Lu Chunlong ____ during his routines. Whistles
Trampoline athletes made their Olympic debut in ___. 2000
Trampoline athletes must always start and finish their routines on their ___. Feet
Trampoline competitors are allowed one ___ bounce. Out
Trampolinist ___used to practice taekwondo? Steven Gluckstein
Triathlete ___ didn’t start running and cycling until college? Matt Chrabot
Triathlete Erin Densham had ___ surgery in 2009. Heart
Triathlete Paula Findlay once lost a ___ during a competition. Contact
Two-time Olympic cyclist Lance Armstrong is best known for winning a record ___ Tour de France titles? 7
UK beach volleyball player Zara Dampney made headlines when she sold ad space on the back of her___. Bikini Bottoms
UK gymnast Louis Smith has a tattoo on his ___. Back
UK track star Mo Farah moved to West London from ___. Somalia
Unpaid Olympic volunteers are called ___. Game Makers
US archer Brady Ellison is the highest ranked archer in the world. He switched to a recurve bow after ___. His compound bow broke
US archer Miranda Leek has been shooting since she was ____years old. Five
US athlete Lolo Jones says that her social life mostly consists of __. Watching Television
US athlete Lolo Jones wants to medal in the 100m hurdles. Why didn’t she medal in Beijing? She stumbled.
US athlete Shalene Flanagan’s ___ is the former world-record holder in the marathon. Mother
US badminton doubles players Iris Wang and Rena Wang are ___. Sisters
US beach volleyball player Jennifer Kessy launched her athletic career in ____. Gymnastics
US beach volleyball players Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings starred in a Super Bowl commercial for ____. Visa
US discus thrower Lance Brooks played college ___ before focusing on his throwing. Basketball
US fencer Miles Chamley-Watson was born in ___. Great Britain
US gymnast John Orozco is originally from ___. The Bronx
US high jumper Jesse Williams’ favorite food is ___ candy bars. Caramello
US judo star Hillary Wolf is a former ___. Child actress
US Kayaker Scott Parson makes ____ at his day job. Prosthetic limbs
US Kayaker Scott Parsons eats ____ before he races. Fruit
US long jumper Brittney Reese collects ____ Air Jordan Sneakers
US men’s basketball team stars Keven Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden are all members of the NBA’s __. Oklahoma City Thunder
US men’s beach volleyball player Jake Gibb is from___. Utah
US Olympian Lolo Jones is also a musician. She plays __ Cello
US Olympic sprinter Wallace Spearmon appeared on the TV show ___. Mythbusters
US pentathlete Margaux Isaksen has been nicknamed ___. Mango
US runner Alysia Montano is known for wearing a ___ in her hair. Flower
US runner Kyle Alcorn is coached by ___. Himself
US shot put star Christian Cantwell is married to Olympian shot putter ___. Terri Steer
US shot put star Reese Hoffa claims he can solve a Rubik’s cube in under ___ minutes. 1
US sprinter Carmelita Jeter always keeps a ____ with her. Granola bar
US swimmer Brendan Hansen took home the ___ medal in the 100m breaststroke earlier in these Olympics. Bronze
US swimmer Eric Shanteau competed in Beijing despite being diagnosed with ___ the week before the Games. Cancer
US swimmer Matt Grevers almost represented ___ at the Games. The Netherlands
US swimmer Matt Grevers is recently ___. Engaged
US swimmer Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte are sharing a ___ in London. Suite
US taekwondo athlete Diana Lopez won a ___ medal in the 2008 Olympic Games. Bronze
US tennis player Lisa Raymond’s guilty pleasure is ___. Cupcakes
US Track & Field athlete David Oliver played ___ before switching to track. Football
US Track & Field star Jenny Simpson is fluent in __. Sign Language
US track star Allyson Felix is studying to be a ___. Teacher
US track star Carmelita Jeter’s brother Pooh (really) played basketball for the ___. Sacramento Kings
US track star Emma Coburn won the Big 12 steeplechase title as a college ___. Sophomore
US trampoline athlete Savannah Vinsant started sport in? 2000
US trampoline athlete Steven Gluckstein likes to travel, go to the beach and ___ in his spare time. Skydive
US volleyball players Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser are ___ inches apart in height. 7
US women’s basketball team won the last ____ consecutive gold medals. 4
US wrestler Kelsey Campbell started wrestling because of ___. A bet
USA team archer Khatuna Lorig has a ____ tattoo. Olympic ring
Valentina Vezzali has won three straight fencing Olympic gold medals in the ___ category. Foil
Visa has been a proud sponsor of the Olympic games for ___ years. 25
Volleyball made its first appearance at the ___ Olympic Games. 1964
Volleyball player April Ross was named ___ National Player of the Year in high school. Gatorade
Volleyball player Jake Gibb originally thought volleyball was a sport for ____. Girls
Volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings has ___ sons. 2
Volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings rocked the small screen when she guest starred on ___. CSI: Miami
Volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings uses ___ tape for her shoulder. Kinesiology
Volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings was on Game Show Network’s ___. Extreme Dodgeball
Volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings went to ___ University. Stanford
Volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings won ___ in Athens. Gold
Volleyball player Misty May-Treanor attended ___ College. Long Beach State
Volleyball player Misty May-Treanor was also on the ___ team in high school. Track & field
Volleyball player Misty May-Treanor won ___ in Beijing. Gold
Volleyball player Phil Dalhausser attended the University of ___. Central FL
Volleyball player Phil Dalhausser first partner was ___. Nick Lucena
Volleyball player Phil Dalhausser made ___ blocks in the Championship match at the Beijing Olympics.9
Volleyball player Phil Dalhausser was in the ___ fraternity. Lambda Chi Alpha
Volleyball player Todd Rodgers was born in ___, California. Santa Barbara
Volleyball players Todd Rodgers and Phil Dalhausser started playing together in ___. 2006
Volleyball star Misty May-Treanor has a shoulder tattoo which features the initials ___. BM
Volleyball was invented by William G. Morgan as a gentler alternative to __. Basketball
Wang Nan was ranked number ___ on the ITTF ranking system as a female table tennis player. One
Water polo has been an Olympic event since ___. 1900
Water Polo player Filip Filipovic won his ___ European gold medal in 2012. Third
Water polo was originally developed in the 19th century as an aquatic version of ____. Rugby
Weightlifter Holley Mangold has an older brother who plays football for the ___. Jets
Weightlifting debuted at the 1896 Olympics in ___. Athens
Weightlifting judges “weigh in” with ___. Lights
What did Paula Findlay lose in a race? Contact
What do swimmer Ryan Lochte and “bridesmaids” star Kristen Wiig have in common? Same hometown
What is American swimmer Nathan Adrian’s nickname? Bok choy
What is Japanese gymnast Kohei Uchimura’s nickname? Superman
What is NOT one of the three divisions of women’s boxing at the Olympic Games? Heavyweight
What is the official airline of Team USA? United
What is Usain Bolt’s nickname? Lightning Bolt
What is wrestling star Sarah Robles’ secret talent? Holding things in her forehead wrinkle
What sculpture was built for the 2012 London Olympics? The Orbit
What sport was recognized for the first time in the 2008 Summer Games? BMX
What type of bird flew from the Olympic stadium during the opening ceremony in Seoul? Doves
What USA track star had “chicken legs” as a high school nickname? Allyson Felix
When a gymnast lands without taking any steps, it’s called a ___. Stick
When did men’s artistic gymnastics officially become an Olympic event? 1896
When did swimming become a sport at the summer games? 1896
When he isn’t diving at the Olympics, American star David Boudia attends ___ University. Purdue
When London hosted the games in 1948, the festivities were known as the____. Austerity Games
When the Olympics are over, the London Aquatic Center will be turned into a ___. Community Facility
When was open-ended gymnastics scoring introduced to the Olympics? 2006
Which American athlete currently holds the world record in the Women’s 100m? Florence Griffith Joyner
Which American became the first to win a medal for gymnastics at an Olympics held outside the US? Frank Kriz
Which American did NOT fall on the pommel horse during last night’s gymnastics event? Sam Mikulak
Which American earned a degree from the University of Oklahoma in 2009? Jonathan Horton
Which American gymnast competed in only one event last night? McKayla Maroney
Which American gymnast created the move known as the “Thomas flare”? Kurt Thomas
Which American gymnast did NOT compete in last night’s all-around competition? Jordyn Wieber
Which American gymnast grabbed the balance beam with her hands last night? Aly Raisman
Which American gymnast views Taylor Swift as her role model? Aly Raisman
Which American had the highest score on the uneven bars in the team competition? Gabby Douglas
Which American had the highest score on the uneven bars last night? Gabby Douglas
Which American male gymnast won his Gold medal by the closest margin ever? Paul Hamm
Which American recently retired from the balance beam and released a “New York Times” best-selling book? Shawn Johnson
Which American swam into the heart of breaststroker Rebecca Soni? Ricky Berens
Which American swam the fastest 100 split in history during the 4x100m freestyle relay in 2008? Jason Lezak
Which American swimmer competed in two event within 10 minutes last night? Missy Franklin
Which American swimmer is known as the most successful woman to ever hit the water? Jenny Thompson
Which American swimmer relaxes with soothing baths and drinking coffee? Jessica Hardy
Which American won the all-around title during the Beijing games in 2008? Natasia Liukin
Which apparatus has been phased out of rhythmic gymnastics? Rope
Which British gymnast started his career in soccer? Daniel Purvis
Which British gymnast was the first to win an individual medal since the 1908 games? Louis Smith
Which British icon was there to cheer during last night’s gymnastics event? Prince William
Which British swimmer watches “Friends” to relax? Rebecca Adlington
Which Chinese diver is the favorite to win the men’s individual diving events? Qui Bo
Which Chinese swimmer is nickname “the warrior?” Sun Yang
Which continent has never hosted Olympic games? Africa
Which country has been dominating synchronized swimming at the Olympics? Russia
Which country hated the 2012 Olympic logo so much they threatened to boycott? Iran
Which country took almost every diving Gold at the 2008 Olympics? China
Which country took home the Gold in the women’s 400m freestyle earlier in these Olympics? France
Which country took the Gold in men’s team archery at the 2008 Games? Korea
Which country took the Gold on women’s handball at the Beijing Games? Norway
Which diving-style used to be an Olympic event but isn’t any longer? Plain high diving
Which eyewear brand will continue to support Team USA through 2020? Oakley
Which famous actress placed 24th out of 300 in the Olympic archery qualifying trials in 2000? Geena Davis
Which famous composer was born in Austria? Mozart
Which famous gymnast has a clothing line at JC Penney? Natasia Luikin
Which famous secret agent dropped in on this year’s Opening Ceremony? James Bond
Which female gymnast had the highest all-around qualifying score after last night’s competition? Victoria Komova
Which former American Olympian released an album in August 2009? Carly Patterson
Which former boxer lit the cauldron during the 1996 opening ceremony of the Olympic Games? Mohammad Ali
Which former Olympian is known as “America’s Most Decorated Gymnast? Shannon Miller
Which former Olympic gymnast recently retired, published her memoir and starred in cutest Bounty paper tower commercial ever? Shawn Johnson
Which gymnast said Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber are her favorite singers? Elizabeth Price
Which gymnastics apparatus was called the “Devil’s apparatus” earlier in these Olympics? Pommel horse
Which Japanese gymnast competed with her brothers at the 2011 World Championships? Rie Tanaka
Which Japanese gymnast has won the most consecutive world all-around titles ever? Kohei Uchimura
Which Japanese gymnastic great nabbed 12 medals over his lengthy Olympics career? Sawao Kato
Which medal was not award in the solo synchronized swimming competition at the 1992 games. Silver
Which musician composed a song for this year’s opening ceremony? AR Rahman
Which nation has won the most medals in gymnastics? Russia
Which Olympic diver holds the record for highest single dive score in the history of the competition? Matt Mitcham
Which Olympic wrestler was undefeated in international games from 1987 to 2000? Alexander Kareline
Which piece of equipment is used exclusively used in women’s gymnastics events? Balance beam
Which President is planning to watch the judo competition? President Putin
Which reigning world champion won the 1st heat of the women’s 100m run earlier in this Olympics? Carmelita Jeter
Which Romanian gymnast is planning her “comeback after an eight-year absence? Catalina Ponor
Which Royal will be watching 10m diving this year? Prince Harry
Which runner stumbled his 1500m heat when someone accidentally stepped on his heel? Nixon Chepseba
Which Russian gymnast stepped off the balance beam last night? Aliya Mustafina
Which Russian gymnast’s father earned a bronze medal for Greco-Roman wrestling at the 1976 games? Aliya Mustafina
Which significant accomplishment did Nadia Comaneci achieve during the 1976? Perfect 10 on uneven bars
Which Soviet gymnast won the most medals every in any sport? Larisa Latynina
Which sport was an Olympic event from 1900-1920? Tug of war
Which swimmer did NOT swim for the US men’s team in last night’s 4x100m freestyle relay? Brendan Hansen
Which swimmer set a new record every time he swam at the 1972 Games in Munich? Mark Spitz
Which Team USA gymnast was recently featured in the August 2012 issue of “Glamour Magazine?” McKayla Maroney
Which tennis player defeated Steffi Graf to take home the Gold in 1992? Jennifer Capriati
Which tennis star recently dropped out of the Games? Rafael Nadal
Which U.S. swimmer recently dropped out of the men’s 200m freestyle? Michael Phelps
Which US gymnast competed with a broken toe last night? McKayla Maroney
Which US gymnast says Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber are her favorite singers? Elizabeth Price
Which US men’s beach volleyball player was not born in the country? Phil Dalhausser
Which US women’s beach volleyball player hoofed it up on “Dancing with the Stars? Misty May-Treanor
Which USA track star had “Chicken Legs” as a high school nickname? Allyson Felix
Which watchmaker is officially in charge of keeping time for the Olympics? Omega
Which women’s handball player comes from a family of handball enthusiasts? Heidi Loke
Which WWF/E wrestler won gold in the Olympic games? Kurt Angle
Who became the first American female boxer to qualify for the London Olympics? Marlan Esparza
Who became the first American to ever win a gold medal in an individual event? Julianne McNamara
Who became the most successful Iranian athlete in Olympic history after winning gold in taekwondo? Hadi Saei
Who broke the American record in last night’s women 400m freestyle? Allison Schmitt
Who broke the world record in the men’s 100m breaststroke earlier in these Olympics? Cameron van der Burgh
Who completed the first grand slam in table tennis at the 1992 Olympic Games? Jan-Ove Waldner
Who did Michael Phelps call a “stud”? Missy Franklin
Who finished 1st in last night’s women 200m backstroke semifinals? Missy Franklin
Who finished first in last night’s first heat of the men’s 1500m? Taoufik Makhloufi
Who finished first in last night’s men’s 100m freestyle semifinals? James Magnussen
Who holds the all-time record for the most gold medal in tennis? Reginald Doherty
Who invented basketball? James Naismith
Who is known as “the most decorated Australian swimmer ever?” Ian Thorpe
Who is Russia’s most successful rhythmic gymnast? Alina Kabaeva
Who is the current American record holder in the javelin throw? Kara Patterson
Who is the first Australian gymnast to ever win a world title? Lauren Mitchell
Who is the leader of the US Olympics delegation in London? Michelle Obama
Who is the only American diver other than Greg Louganis to make four Olympic diving teams? Troy Dumais
Who is the only American male gymnastic to win gold medals at every level of competition? Bart Conner
Who is the only male player to have won both the singles and doubles gold medals in the same Olympic Games? Nicolas Massau
Who is the only player on the US men’s basketball team to have never played a game in the NBA? Anthony Davis
Who is the only woman wrestler to qualify for two Olympic games? Clarissa Chun
Who is the youngest gymnast on Team USA’s Olympic roster this year. Kyla Ross
Who is the youngest member of the US women’s basketball team? Tina Charles
Who met her boyfriend at a Great Britain team party on the last night of the 2008 Games? Fran Halsall
Who originated powerhouse gymnastics move, “the Korbut flip?” Olga Korbut
Who scored the first goal in Major League Soccer history in 1996? Eric Wynalda
Who set a new world record in the women’s 200m breaststroke semifinal last night? Rebecca Soni
Who set an Olympic record for men’s 200m backstroke last night? Tyler Clary
Who swam anchor during last night’s men’s 4x200m free relay? Michael Phelps
Who took home the gold medal in the women’s 100m backstroke earlier in these Olympics? Missy Franklin
Who took home the Silver last night’s team gymnastics competition? Russia
Who was elected by his teammates to be the US flag bearer at the Beijing Olympics? Lopez Lomong
Who was named FINA Magazine’s Female Water Polo Player of the Decade? Brenda Villa
Who was ranked #1 by the Women’s Tennis Association for 377 consecutive weeks? Steffi Graf
Who was the first Asian-American athlete to win an Olympic medal for gymnastics? Amy Chow
Who was the first Australian pole vaulter to win an Olympic gold medal? Steve Hooker
Who was the first Jamaican woman to win Olympic gold sprinting? Veronica Campbell-Brown
Who was the first non-US team to bring home the Gold in Basketball? The USSR
Who was the first rhythmic gymnast to earn an Olympic gold medal? Lori Fung
Who was the first US runner marathoner to run the half marathon in under an hour? Ryan Hall
Who was the last American to win gold in the heavyweight class of boxing at the Olympics? Ray Mercer
Who was the only American gymnast to compete in all 4 events last night? Gabby Douglas
Who will NOT be allowed to march in this year’s Opening Ceremony? Coaches
Who won 2012 FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year Award? Homare Sawa
Who won Gold AND set an Olympic record in last night’s women’s 200m individual medley? Ye Shiwen
Who won the 2012 London Test Event in trampoline? Dong Dong
Who won the bronze medal in last night’s women 200m backstroke? Elizabeth Biesel
Who won the Gold in the 200m breaststroke last night? Gyurta
Who won the gold medal in the men’s 200m freestyle earlier in these Olympics? Yannick Agnel
Who won the gold medal in the women’s 100m breaststroke last night? Ruta Meilutyte
Who won the silver medal in last night’s all-around gymnastics competition? Victoria Komova
Who, along with Jan-Ove Waldner has been crowned table tennis Olympic Champion, World Champion, World Cup winner, and continental champion? Kong Linghui
Who’s currently the all-time leading goal scorer for the United States men’s national soccer team? Landon Donovan
With official sponsor All State, Team USA is “___.” In good hands
Women divers made their Olympic debut in ___. 1912
Women from ___ have taken home the most Olympic golds for weightlifting. China
Women from ___ have won 3 consecutive gold medals in tennis. USA
Women started to compete in the Olympic Modern Pentathlon in ____. 2000
Women were allowed to compete in the Olympics in ___. 1928
Women were first allowed to swim competitively in the Olympics in ___. 1912
Women’s water polo was introduced to the Olympics in ___. 2000
Wu Minxia first competed in the Olympics in ___. 2004
Wu Minxia won ___ in the Synchronized 3m Springboard event earlier in these Olympics. Gold
You just saw a commercial for “Total Recall” starring ___. Collin Ferrell
You just saw a commercial for a new NBC show called “Guys with ____. “ Kids
You just saw a commercial for Chobani. What is it? Yogurt
You just saw a commercial that featured tasty sandwiches from ___ in a torrid affair. McDonald’s
You just saw an ad from Presidential candidate ___ Barack Obama
Zhang Yining won how many gold medals as a female table tennis player? Two

Opening Ceremony specific questions? (May not be repeated)
The opening ceremony is called… The Isles of Wonder
Who makes a special appearance? James Bond
How many “James Bond” movies have been made? 22
Daniel Craig is … English
Danny Boyle broke thru with Trainspotting a movie starring… Ewan McGregor
Danny Boyle’s hit film Slumdog Millionaire starred British actor… Dev Patel
Danny Boyle has promised that……….horses will participate in the opening ceremony. 12
Opening Ceremony director Danny Boyle always thought he’d be a ____ when he grew up? Priest
The BP commercial you just saw featured gymnast… Jonathon Horton
The McDonald’s commercial just saw featured Olympian Marlen Ezperaza. Marlen is competing in? Boxing
Which famous English writer wrote those words… Shakespeare


Very cute deals on GroopDealz!!

19 Jun

Here are a few of today’s deals, I just love them!!!

$3.75 Stylish Leg and Arm Warmers

$3.99 Little Boy Ties – 45 Styles to Choose From!!

$10.50 Adorable Ruffled Petti Rompers

Twice – Great website to buy and sell clothes

8 Jun

Twice is a great website that I just found.  You can buy or sell your clothes for a great price.  Right now they only have XS to XL but they are working on getting larger sizes.  If you follow this link you will get a $10 for your first purchase.  I found many things for under $10, so you can get something for free.  They have brands like 7 for all Mankind, Talbolts, American Eagle, Gap, Burburry, Michael Kors, just to name a few.  Go check it out, and get your free $10!

7 for all mankind $35 (retails for $189.95!) you can get them for only $25 with your $10 credit

Viggle Primetime Schedule 5/24 UPDATED again!

24 May

Here is the schedule for tonight (and it will probably be updated later!)  Don’t forget to check into the Today Show tomorrow at 7am!!


  • NBC Nightly News NBC +250 (30 minute show)


  • So You Think You Can Dance FOX +300 (2 hour show) Check in at 7pm
  • Duets ABC +200 (2 hour show) Check in at 7:11pm
  • Geo Bee 2012 National Geographic +125  (2 hour show) Check in at 7:22pm
  • NBA: Heat @ Pacers ESPNHD +125 (2 1/2 hour show) Check in at 7:33pm
  • MLB: Phillies @ Cardinals GAME 9 +125 Play along with Viggle LIVE!


  • Mary Mary WE +175 Check in at 8pm
  • Selling LA HGTV +100 (30 minute show) Check in at 8:11pm


  • Don’t be Tardy for the Wedding Bravo HD +100 (30 minute show) Check in at 8:30pm


  • Men at Work TBS HD +150 (30 minute show) Check in at 9pm
  • Kathy Bravo HD +125 Check in at 9:10pm
  • Awake NBC +125 Check in at 9:20pm
  • Sweet Genius Food Network +100 Check in at 9:30pm
  • Rookie Blue ABC +100 check in at 9:40pm


  • The Pauly D Project MTV +100 (30 minute show) Check in at 9:50pm


  • Chelsea Lately E! +100 Play along with Viggle LIVE!

Fun t-shirts on Zulily!

23 May

Zulily has some fun t-shirts for boys right now.  Check them out below, they have sizes from 2 to 14!    What an original way to express themselves!  They are all priced at $18.99, which is 37% off the original price!

Product Description:

Hear me roar! With Mouth Man, the artful print (made with eco-friendly ink) on your little animal’s shirt comes alive whenever they give themselves a hug. That’s because the arms are printed with two halves of a mouth that bring the whole thing to life! The recycled fabric is comfy and lightweight, and it’s a stylish hoodie too—perfect for those chilly school days ahead.

• 100% polyester
• UPF 50+
• Machine wash; tumble dry
• Made in the USA

Deals on Amazon for Father’s day!

23 May

I was just looking around on Amazon and found some great deals for Father’s day!!!  Click on the links below to go the the Father’s day page!  Here are just a few things I saw:

Shop Amazon – Father’s Day Gifts

Up to 50% Off Tools for Dad

Dremel 8000-03 10.8-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Rotary Tool now only $69.99 (50% off)

Kindle Fire, Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi (maybe he will let you use it!)

Black & Decker RRW100 Ratcheting ReadyWrench on sale for $17.74 (63% off!)

Viggle Primetime Schedule for 5/23 UPDATED

23 May

Here is the schedule for tonight, another busy night!!


  • The Middle ABC +100 (30 minute show) Check in at 7pm


  • Modern Family ABC +100 (30 minute show) Play along with Viggle LIVE! Check in at 8pm
  • Auction Hunters Spike TV +100 (30 minute show) Check in at 8:12pm





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