Viggle schedule for 10/7/2012 and aswers to help with Viggle LIVE!

7 Oct

I just found out that if you try to answer the same questions for Viggle LIVE, you will not get credit.   For example, you checked in to watch Glee, during the hour, you answer the question (some you get right, some you might get wrong), the following hour, if you are checked into a show, you can still do Viggle LIVE for Glee, but any questions you have answered already, you will get +0 and a message stating you have already answered the question.

Here is the schedule for tonight:


  • Song by Song Ovation +50 (30 minute show)
  • Once Upon a Time ABC +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!


  • Chargers at Saints NBC +100 Play along with MYGUY


  • Song by Song Ovation +50 (30 minute show)


  • Family Guy FOX +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE! (30 minute show)
  • Revenge ABC +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!
  • Boarwalk Empire HBO +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!


  • The Good Wife CBS +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!


  • 666 Park Avenue ABC +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE! (starts at 9:01)


  • The Mentalist CBS +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!

Boardwalk Empire
According to Jimmy Darmody, “You can’t be half a ___.” — Gangster
Actor Steve Buscemi is also famous for his role in — Reservoir Dogs
Al Capone was born in ___. — New York
At the start of Season 2, Nucky was arrested for ___. — Election fraud
During Prohibition, a “blind pig” referred to a ___. — Speakeasy
First episode directed by — Scorsese
Gangsters Johnny Torrio and Al Capone are from — Chicago
Gyp Rosetti, the new gangster in town on “Boardwalk Empire,” is from ___. — New York City
Jimmy Darmody attended — Princeton
Lucky Luciano is affiliated with ___. — Arnold Rothstein
Lucy Danziger is the former mistress of Nucky and — Agent Van Alden
Margaret gave the land Nucky had intended to keep to ___. — Her church
Margaret is excited about a female ___. — Aviator
Margaret Schroeder emigrated from — Ireland
Margaret Schroeder is originally from ___. — County Kerry, Ireland
Nelson Van Alden is a ___. — Federal agent (Viggle Version #2)
Nelson Van Alden is a ___. — Prohibition offer (Viggle Version #1, typo in answer)
Nucky serves as ___ of Atlantic City — Treasurer
Nucky Thompson’s younger brother is named — Eli
Nucky was mentored by — The Commondore
Nucky’s bodyguard Owen was a member of the — Irish Republican Army
Powerful New York crime boss ___ is one of Nucky’s chief rivals — Arnold Rothstein
Richard wears a mask to hide his injuries from — World War I
Season 3 of “Boardwalk Empire” began with the New Year – it’s now ___. — 1923
Singer Eddie Cantor began his career in ___. — Vaudeville
The Eighteenth Amendment of the US Constitution prohibited the sale of ___. — Intoxicating liquors
The second season of “Boardwalk Empire” takes place in ___. — 1921
What does Richard Harrow wear on his face? — A Tin Mask
What is Atlantic City’s nickname? — The World’s Playground
What signature flower does Nucky Wear? — Carnation
Where did Jimmy visit at the end of Season 2 of “Boardwalk Empire?” — Princeton
Which of these terms is slang for bootleg liquor? — Hooch
Who caught polio in Season 2? — Emily
Who is raising Jimmy’s son? — Gillian
Who plays Al Capone on “Boardwalk Empire?” — Stephen Graham
Who turned against Nucky? — Jimmy, Eli and The Commodore
Who was killed at the end of the last season of “Boardwalk Empire?” — Jimmy

Family Guy
Brian sees himself as next great — Novelist
Hang out at a bar named — The Drunken Clam
Joe Swanson is a — Police officer
Mila Kunis became famous on — That 70s Show
On “Family Guy,” Lois Griffin’s fabulously wealthy, Peter-hating father is named ___. — Carter Pewterschmidt
On “Family Guy,” the Mayor of Quahog is ___. — Adam West
Parodied which franchise with hour long episodes — Star Wars
Peter Griffin engages in brawls with a — Giant chicken
Quahog is located in — Rhode Island
Quahog’s high school is named after actor — James Woods
Quahog’s local news anchor is — Tom Tucker
Stewie speaks with a ___ accent — English
Stewie’s best friend is — Brian Griffin

Once Upon a Time
All of the fairy tale stories are found in ___. Henry’s storybook
At the end of the last season, Mr. Gold poured ___ into the Wishing Well. True love potion
August is changing back into wood because ___. He hasn’t been a good boy
Before Jennifer Morrison become Emma, she played a doctor on ___. House
Creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz were writers on ___. LOST
Dr. Hopper’s adorable dog is named ___. Pongo
Frederick was turned into ____. Gold
In one episode of “Once Upon a Time,” Henry was trapped in a ___. Mine
Last season, Henry collapsed after eating a poisoned ___. Apple turnover
Last season, we learned that August was ___. Pinocchio
Moe French’s flower delivery business is named ___. Game of Thorns
Most of the characters have ___ counterparts. Fairy tale
On “Once Upon a Time,” Grumpy’s original name was ___. Dreamy
On “Once Upon a Time,” Regina is Storybrooke’s ___. Mayor
“Once Upon a Time” star Jared Gilmore is also known for his role on ___. Mad Men
Rumpelstiltskin cab be killed by ___. The Dark Dagger
Sebastian Stan plays Jefferson on “Once Upon a Time.” He has also appeared in ___. Captain America: The First Avenger
What was Emma’s job before she moved to Storybrooke? Bail bond agent
Who freed Belle at the end of the last season? Jefferson
Who gave Prince Charming his nickname? Snow White
Who plays Jefferson? Sebastian Stan

According to Emily, the most powerful form of forgiveness is ___. Absolution
Amanda recently found out that ___ might be alive. Her mom
Amanda wants to destroy the ___. Graysons
Carolyn Miller is Nolan’s ___. Aunt
Daniel was engaged to ___. Emily
Declan and Jack are ___. Brothers
How did Nolan make his dough? He’s a software guru
Jack owns the ___. Stowaway Tavern
Last season, Charlotte got back at Declan by ___. Having his tuition pulled
Nolan is a ___ guru. Software
On “Revenge,” Emily has a ___ tattooed on her wrist. Double infinity sign
Victoria had an affair with ___. David
Where does “Revenge” take place? The Hamptons
Which character ODed last season? Charlotte
Who is Amanda’s alter ego? Emily
Who is Amanda’s half-sister? Charlotte
Who is Charlotte’s father? David
Who was Amanda’s mentor? Satoshi
Who was shot on the beach last season? Tyler

The Good Wife
Alan Cummings plays — Eli Gold
Alicia left the courtroom for — 13 years
Alicia returned to her ___ career after Peter went to jail. — Legal
Blake knows Kalinda’s — Real name
Juliana Marguiles won her first Emmy for — ER
Kalinda is never without her signature — Orange notebook
On “The Good Wife,” Alicia’s mentor is ___. — Diane Lockhart
Owen encourages Alicia to so something that terrifies her — Steal Wi-Fi
Person Alicia hired when she was being investigated by the Treasury Dept. — Elsbeth Tascioni
Peter Florrick wants to be the — Governor of Illinois
Peter sent a ___ to Alicia’s desk — Glove
Set in — Chicago

The Mentalist
Patrick posed as a ___ before he assisted Lisbon. — Psychic
Patrick’s dad was a — Con man
Rigsby had a — Son
Rigsby specializes in — Arson
Van Pelt was engaged to — Agent O’Laughlin
What color is a recurring theme — Red
Which “Entourage” star showed up on “The Mentalist” as Lorelei — Emmanuelle Chirqui


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