Viggle Schedule for 10/5/2012 and answers to help with Viggle LIVE!

5 Oct

SORRY about yesterday, I was out all day!  Here is the schedule for tonight:


  • Pittsburgh @ Syracuse ESPN HD No points Play along with MYGUY (3 hour show)


  • Shark Tank ABC +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!
  • CSI: NY CBS +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!


  • Fringe FOX +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!
  • Grimm NBC +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!
  • Made in Jersey CBS +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!


  • Blue Bloods CBS +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!

Blue Bloods
Donnie Wahlberg was a member of boy band — New Kids on the Block
Frank had ___ hours to find and detain terrorists on Mother’s Day. — 6
Jack had a mob boss nemesis named — Happy Jack
Jamie’s undercover name was — Jimmy Reardon

Aiden was fired for ___. Tampering with evidence
Before Danny picked up crime fighting, he worked in the ___ business. Music
“CSI: NY” is mostly filmed in ___. Los Angeles
Don Flack was severely injured in a ___. Bombing
Jo Danville moved from ___. Virginia
Jo Danville once worked as a ___ in a burlesque club. Accountant
Lindsay always takes off her ___ before entering a victim’s home. Shoes
Lindsay and Danny have a daughter named ___. Lucy
Mac and Peyton broke up when she moved to ___. England
Mac Taylor is a former ___. Marine
What is Danny’s private nickname for Lindsay? Montana
What is Sid Hammerback’s role on the team? Medical Examiner
What online game is Adam’s obsession? SecondLife
Which “CSI” spinoff came first? Miami
Which agent was a child prodigy who graduated from college at age 18? Sheldon

Anna Torv plays Olivia Dunham on “Fringe.” Where is she from? Australia
Bald men are called ___. Observers
Before John Noble played Walter Bioshop, he was Denethor in ___. The Lord of the Rings
Created by ___. J.J. Abrams
Fringe Division calls “other side” Walter ___. Walternate
Fringe is set in ___. Boston
Fringe refers to ___. Unexplained phenomenon
In the pilot episode, the ill- fated Flight 627 was traveling from Hamburg, Germany to ___. Boston, MA
J. J. Abrams created “fringe” and several other hits, including “Lost,” “Alias” and ___. Felicity
Joshua Jackson was previously on ___. Dawson’s Creek
Lincoln Lee was Olivia’s ___. Colleague
Nina Sharp works at a corporation called ___. Massive Dynamic
Olivia hails from the great state of ___. Florida
Olivia is called ___. Olive
“Other side” Olivia is ___. Fauxlivia
Peter is Walter’s ___. Son
The cow in Walter’s lab is named ___. Gene
The Walter that exists in the Other Universe is named ___. Walternate
Walter has a difficult time remembering the name of FBI agent ___. Astrid
Walter treated Olivia with ___. Cortexiphan
Walter used to be in a ___. Mental Hospital
Walter’s assistant in lab is ___. Astrid
What did “Fringe” co-creator J.J. Abrams name his production company? Bad Robot
What is the name of the main observer? September
What is the name of the series of cases that the “Fringe” team focuses on? The Pattern
What is Walter’s IQ? 196
What was the name of Walter’s wife and Peter’s mother? Elizabeth
When she was a kid, Olivia received a drug designed to enhance mental abilities. What was it? Cortexiphan
William Bell is played by “Star Trek” star? Leonard Nimoy

A Hexenbeist is a ___ Wesen. Witch-like
According to Nick’s mama, the 7 keys were forged during ___. The Crusades
Another name for Bigfoot is ___. Wildermann
Aunt Marie gave Nick a ___ before she died. Key
Does the actor who Sgt. Wu look familiar? He was in the 2012 blockbuster ___. The Dark Knight Rises
Earlier in the season, Juliette lost her memories because of a ___. Potion
Earlier in the season, Nick and his mom fought the ___. Mauvais Dentes
Earlier in the season, Nick’s Grimm identity was discovered by ___. Hank
Earlier in the season, Portland was infected with the yellow plague originated from ___. Pigs
“Grimm” is set and filmed in ___. Oregon
Grimms can match the fighting ability of all Wesen but ___. Siegbarstes
How many suspects were involved in Nick’s parents’ death? 4
How many times has Hank Griffin been married? Four
In the last episode, Juliette tried to remember Nick by going through his ___. Closet
In the last episode, Monroe asked Rosalee out on a ___. Picnic
In the last episode, the Families sent a Nuckelavee for ___. The key
Juliette lost her memories because of a ___. Potion
Mellifer are bee-like Wesen. What Wesen is their sworn enemy? Hexenbiests
Monroe owns a ___ repair business. Clock
Nick gets his special weapons and tools from ___. Aunt Marie’s trailer
The Coins of Zakynthos cause a rush of ___ in anyone who holds them. Power and confidence
The creatures Nick meets are called ___. Wesen
We love Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe on “Grimm.” We alos loved him on the show ___. Prison Break
What are Coyotl? Coyote-like Wesen
What kind of Wesen are Blutbads? Wolf-like
When he’s not on Grimm duty, Nick works as a ___. Detective

Shark Tank
Daymond John launched his clothing brand in ___. — Flea markets
Former “Shark Tank” panelist Jeff Foxworthy is the host of ___. — Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader
In 1995, O’Leary’s SoftKey business changed its name to ___. — The Learning Company
In 2005, “Shark” Barbara Corcoran was criticized for denying the ___. — The real estate bubble
In the first episode of “Shark Tank,” the panel approved a proposal for a ___ factory. — Pie
Kevin O’Leary’s first company produced ___. — Software
Last season, the panelists offered an investment to students pitching different flavors of ___. Peanut Butter
Mark Cuban owns a line of ___. — Movie theaters
Mark Cuban purchased his stake in the Dallas Mavericks from Texan ___. — Ross Perot, Jr.
Panel member Mark Cuban owns the NBA’s ___. — Dallas Mavericks
Panelist Barbara Corcoron is best known for her successful ___ business. — Real Estate
Panelist Daymond John made his fortune in ___. — Fashion
Panelist Mark Cuban is a ___. — Billionaire
Panelist Robert Herjavec is from ___. — Canada
Quest panel member Lori Greiner is often referred to as the “Queen of ___.” — QVC (Viggle typo preserved)
“Shark Tank” panelist Kevin O’Leary made his fortune in ___. — Educational Software
“Shark” Daymond John is from ___. — New York
The Canadian version of “Shark Tank” is known as ___. — Dragon’s Den
When did “Shark Tank” premiere? — 2009
When Mark Cuban arrived in Season 3, he replaced ___. — Kevin Harrington
Where did O’Leary start his SoftKey business? — His basement
Which comedian made an appearance on as a panel member? — Jeff Foxworthy (Viggle typo preserved)
Which famous rapper dropped by the Season 3 finale? — Pitbull
Who is the executive producer of “Shark Tank?” — Mark Barnett
Who was NOT an original panelist on”Shark Tank?” — Lori Greiner


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