Viggle Schedule for 10/3/2012 and some help for Viggle LIVE!

3 Oct

Here is the schedule for tonight:


  • The Middle ABC +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE! (30 minute show)
  • The X Factor FOX +50
  • Survivor: Philippines CBS +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!


  • Supernatural The CW +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!
  • Presidential Debate CNN, CNBC, CSPAN,PBS, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, Fox News, Univision Possible Points (mentioned something about it yesterday on their facebook page)


  • Hell and Back: Special Ops Ranger Military +200 For DirecTV subscribers only

The Middle
Brick hangs with — The Odd Squad
Brick repeats words to himself by — Whispering them
Brick sometimes repeats — Words he just said
Doris Roberts plays a ___ named Ms. Rinsky. — Teacher
Mike finds ___ in the quarry. — Dinosaur Bones
Mike is the manager of a — Quarry
On “The Middle,” the oldest Heck child is ___. — Axl
Other than Patricia Heaton, what other “Everybody Loves Raymond” alum makes an appearance — Doris Roberts
Sue earns cash for her school by selling — Sausage and Cheese
Sue’s guidance counselor is played by — Whoopi Goldberg
What sports team does Sun join — Cross Country
What state does it take place in — Indiana

Boys drive an — Impala
Cas said he would bleed for the — Winchesters
Castiel is the Angel of — Thursday
Castlel declared himself — God
Dean is angry that Castiel opened Purgatory and became — God
Films in — Vancouver
In Supernatural Sam was possessed by — Lucifer
Is about two brothers named — Sam & Dean
Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays Sam and Dean’s father. He also starred on — Grey’s Anatomy
Jensen Ackles was also on — Smallville
Leviathans came from — Purgatory
Winchester family motto is “saving people, hunting — Things

Survivor: Philippines
Current contestant Lisa Whelchel wrote a book called ___. Creative Correction
Current contestant Russell Swan also competed in ___. Survivor: Samoa
Former “Survivor” contestant Brian Heidik had a role on the daytime soap ___. Days of Our Lives
How many times has Fan v. Favorite player Jonathan appeared on the show? 3 times
On “Survivor: Cook Islands,” the tribes were divided by ___. Race
On “Survivor: Palau,” the Koror tribe won all of the ___ challenges. Immunity
On “Survivor: Thailand,” the 2 teams were picked by the ___ members. Oldest
Returning player Michael Skupin left his original season because ___. He passed out into a fire
“Survivor” host Jeff Probst also hosts a ___. Talk show
“Survivor: Africa” was the first season to feature a ___. Tribal swap
“Survivor: Cook Islands” was the first season to have ___ in the final. 3 people
“Survivor: Philippines” contestant Abi-Maria Gomes is from ___. Brazil
“Survivor: Philippines” contestant Angie Layton was ___ in 2010. Miss Teen Utah
“Survivor: Philippines” contestant Jonathan Penner had to leave “Survivor: Micronesia” because of a ___. Knee infection
“Survivor: Philippines” contestant Michael Skupin has ___ children. 7
“Survivor: Philippines” contestant Zane Knight works in ___. Tire repair
“Survivor: Philippines” is the 1st season since __ to begin with all 3 tribes. Survivor: All Stars
This season is the first time that the show has ___. Filmed in the Philippines
This season the 3 tribes will be lead by contestants who have already ___. Been evacuated
What is NOT the name of a tribe on “Survivor: Philippines?” Manono
Where did “Survivor” originate? Sweden
Where did the 1st season of “Survivor” film? Borneo
Which current contestant is a sex therapist? Denise Stapley
Which one of this year’s contestants is a cancer survivor? Artis Silvester
Who is the oldest player this season? Artis
Who is the youngest player this season? Angie
Who was the 1st “Survivor” winner ever? Richard Hatch
Who was the first ever two-time winner on “Survivor?” Sandra Diaz-Twine
Who was the first player to be pulled out of “Survivor” because of an injury? Michael
Who was the first player to find a clue about the hidden immunity idol last week? Jonathon
Who was the first team to go to Tribal Council in last week’s episode? Matsing
Who won “Survivor: Redemption Island?” Rob Mariano


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