Viggle Scheduel for 10/2/12 and some help for Viggle LIVE!

2 Oct

So who else is loving all these Are we there yet commercials!?!?!?  They a have been a tile and also under the football games, how I missed high point adds!

Here is the schedule for tonight:


  • NCSI CBS +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!
  • The Voice NBC +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!
  • Raising Hope FOX +200 DirecTV bonus only


  • New Girl FOX +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE! (30 minute show)


  • Private Practice ABC +50
  • Vegas CBS +50
  • Parenthood NBC +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE! (starts at 9:01pm)
  • Sons of Anarchy FOX +200 DirecTV bonus only

A few years ago, Gibbs retired and moved to ___ Mexico
Agent Stan Burley reappeared during…used to work for ___. Gibbs
Gibb was a sniper for the ___. Marines
How many times has Gibbs been married? 4
Last season, Harper Dearing was the team’s….avenge death of his ___. Son
McGee has a second life as a famous ___. Author
NCIS is a spinoff of the CBS series ___. JAG
New NCIS team members are called ___. Probies
Tony was once offered the option of commanding his own team in ___. Spain
What is Gibbs building in his basement? Boat
Where was Ducky at the end of the last season? Florida
Who did mega-villain Harper Dearing kidnap during the last season? Vance
Who got married at the end of the last season? Jimmy
Who played Dr. Samantha Ryan last season? Jamie Lee Curtis
Ziva has the worst luck when it comes to love. She once dated a guy who was a secret spy for the ___. CIA

New Girl
Cece is a — Model
Jess dated Russell, a — Fancyman
Jess dates her colleague — Paul
Jess finds roommates on — Craigslist
Jess is a — Teacher
Jess saw Nick naked and — Laughed
Jess threw Schmidt’s party in — School bus
Nick and his ex were going to — Shack up
Nick is a — Bartender
Schmidt likes — Cece
Schmidt was hospitalized — Delicate manly parts
The “New Girl” roommates play a game called ___. — True American
The roommates make Schmidt donate to the — douchebag jar
Winston plays — Basketball
Zooey Deschanel is also a — Singer

Actors Minka Kelly and Michael B. Jordan appeared on “Parenthood” as Gaby and Alex, respectively. They were both on the show ___. — Friday Night Lights
Actress Erika Christensen plays Julia on “Parenthood.” She appeared in the Oscar-winning film ___. — Traffic
Hank, the Braverman family photographer, is played by ___. — Ray Romano
Julia is a ___. — Lawyer
Last week, Hank fired Sarah from her job as a ___. — Photo assistant
“Parenthood” was based on a ___. — Movie
The show’s US theme is “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan. What’s the international theme song? — When We Were Young
Where is Haddie going to college? — Cornell
Who is the matriarch of the Braverman family? — Camille
Who is the oldest of the four Braverman children? — Adam

The Voice
Adam Levine will be guest staring on ___ this season. American Horror Story
Blake Shelton dueted with Trace Adkins on the song ___. Hillbilly Bone
Blake Shelton is married to ___. Miranda Lambert
Carson Daly famously hosted the show ___. TRL
Casey Muessigmann used to ___. Wrestle
Cee Lo had a small rose on NBC’s ___. Parenthood
Cee Lo’s new album is titled “Cee Lo Green…___.” Is Everybody’s Brother
Christina Aguilera appeared on the classic TV show ___. Mickey Mouse Club
Christina rocked the 2010 film ___. Burlesque
Coach Blake Shelton is married to country music star ___. Miranda Lambert
Contestants must be ___ years old to audition for “The Voice.” 15
How tall is Blake Shelton? 6′ 5″
How tall is coach Blake Shelton? 6’5″
Loren Allred from Team Adam lives in a ___. Artist compound
Nelly’s Echo from team Christina was born in ___. Nigeria
Season 2 runner up Juliet Simms was on Team ___. Cee Lo
Team Adam’s Bryan Keith’s father is a ___. Singer
Team Blake’s mother-daughter duo is called ___. 2 Steel Girls
Team Blake’s Terry McDermott came to the US with his ___. Band
Team Christina came in ___ place last season. 4th
Terry McDermott from Team Blake is from ___. Scotland
The first winner of “The Voice” won ___. 100000
The Season 3 blind auditions brought us the first singer to audition entirely in ___. Spanish
The Season 3 blind auditions brought us the first singer to audition entirely in ___. Spanish
“The Voice” advisor Billie Joe Armstrong had a rough weekend. He had a meltdown at a ___. Music festival
“The Voice” advisor Mary J. Blige has won ___ Grammys. 9
“The Voice” advisor Michael Buble is Italian and ___. Canadian
“The Voice” advisor Rob Thomas is front man for ___. Matchbox Twenty
“The Voice” contestant Moses Stone coached by ___. Christina
“The Voice” host Carson Daly became a household name thanks to ___. Total Request Live
The Voice originated in ___. Holland
This season, De’Borah is on Team ___. Christina
This year, Cee Lo won a Grammy for ___. Fool For You
What is Cee Lo’s real name? Thomas DeCarlo Callaway
What is the name of Adam Levine’s band? Maroon 5
What was the name of Christina’s debut album? Christina Aguilera
What words light up behind the coaches’ chairs when they hit their red buttons? I want you
Where is “The Voice” filmed? Los Angeles
Where is Adriana Louise from? Brooklyn
Which artist has NOT been a mentor on “The Voice”? Lil Wayne
Which Christina record featured the gorgeous ballad “Beautiful?” Stripped
Which coach has NOT had one of their team members win “The Voice”? Christina
Which contestant auditioned for the coaches 2 years in a row before getting picked? Daniel Rosa
Which former contestant was a member of “The Mickey Mouse Club” with Christina? Tony Lucca
Which judge claimed Season 1 winner Javier Colon? Adam
Which member of Team Adam played the Warped Tour in 2010? Joe Kirkland
Which member of Team Cee Lo has been dealing with a bum ticker this year? MacKenzie Bourg
Which member of Team Cee Lo is a profesional dancer? (kept Viggle spelling error) Domo
Which member of Team Christina is a former gymnast? Lisa Scinta
Which member of Team Christina is expecting a baby this year? Aqulle
Which member of Team Christina was home-schooled? Devyn Delorea
Who coached Jermaine Paul to victory in Season 2? Blake
Who finished in second place on Season 2 of “The Voice?” Juliet Simms
Who was the runner up in Season 2? Juliet Simms
Who won Season 1? Javier Colon
Who won Season 2? Jermaine Paul


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