Viggle Schedule for 10/1/2012 and some help for Viggle LIVE!

1 Oct

Here is the schedule for tonight:


  • How I Met Your Mother CBS +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE! (31 minute show)
  • Bones FOX +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!
  • The Voice NBC +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE! (2 hour show)


  • NFL: Bears @ Cowboys ESPN HD +100 Play along with MYGUY


  • Major Crimes TNT +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!


  • Revolution NBC +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE! (59 minute show)

Angela’s dad is in the band — ZZ Top
Before he was the resident lovable nerd on “Bones,” John Francis Daley was a geek on ___. — Freaks and Geeks
Before she rocked our world as Brennan, Emily Deschanel was in the horror film ___. — Boogeyman
Before they teamed up as Hodgins and Booth, T.J. Thyne and David Boreanaz worked together on ___. — Angel
Before we knew him as Booth, David Boreanaz had a small role on ___. — Married with Children
Booth and Brennan have a daughter named ___. — Christine
Booth is in the — FBI
Booth was a — Sniper
Brennan is known for being very — Literal
Carla Gallo plays Daisy on “Bones.” She played another character named Daisy on ___. — Californication
David Boreanaz was a – Vampire
Dearly departed intern Vincent-Nigel Murray was played by actor Ryan Cartwright. These days, he’s starring in the Syfy show ___. — Alphas
Dr. Sweets is a — Psychologist
Emily Deschanel is an outspoken — Vegan
Hodgins is married to — Angela
John Francis Daley appeared on TV show — Freaks & Geeks
Last season brought back all the interns except ___. — Vincent Nigel-Murray
Last season, a ___ competition turned fatal. — Eating
Last season, Angela and Hodgins flipped when Angela’s dad offered to ___. Babysit
Last season, Booth’s son ___ came back from England. — Parker
Last season, Brennan consulted on the set of “Bones of ___.” — Contention
Michael K. Williams plays Chalky White on “Boardwalk Empire,” but is also famous for HBO’s ___. — The Wire
On “Bones,” Booth calls the team ___. — Squints
On “Bones,” Brennan is a ___. — Forensic anthropologist
Tamara Taylor, who plays Cam, has a second cousin who was in “Party of Five.” Who is it? — Neve Campbell
The boss is — Dr. Saroyan
The least squinty of the group is — Angela
The team works at the — Jeffersonian Institute
What test was Sweets freaking out about last season? — Gun
Where is “Bones” set? — Washington D.C.
Which squint has a cinematic past — Cam

How I Met Your Mother
Barney always told people his dad was — Bob Barker
Barney always wears a — Suit
Barney wanted to join the — Peace Corps
Before playing Lily, Alyson Hannigan starred on — Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Britney Spears played a ___ on “How I Met Your Mother.” — Receptionist
“How I Met Your Mother” Alyson Hannigan played ___ in the “American Pie” movie. Michelle
Lily despises the word — Moist
Lily is a — Kindergarten teacher
Lily pursued an art fellowship in — San Francisco
Marshall Eriksen is originally from ___? Minnesota
Marshall Eriksen works as a ___. Lawyer
Neil Patrick Harris is famous for his role on — Doogie Howser MD
On “How I Met Your Mother,” Robin hails from ___. — Canada
On “How I Met Your Mother,” Lily and Marshall’s baby is named ___. — Marvin
Robin has NOT dated — Marshall
Robin was a — Pop singer in Canada
Ted & Marshall met — In College
Ted almost married — Stella
Ted is an — Architect
The bar gang hangs out at — MacLaren’s
Voiceover narration is done by — Bob Saget
When are the show’s flash-forwards with the older Ted M. set? 2030
Who has NOT dated Robin? Marshall
Who left Ted at the alter? Stella
Who narrates “How I Met Your Mother?” Bob Saget

After the Blackout, Charlie’s neighborhood became part of the ___. Monroe Republic
After the power went out in last week’s episode, Charlie’s parents allowed her to eat ___. Ice cream
Before the lights went out, Aaron worked at ___. Google
Before the lights went out, Miles served in the ___. US Marine Corps
Before Tom Neville became a baddie for the Monroe Republic, he was a ___. Insurance adjuster
Charlie and Co. found Miles in an old ___. Hotel
Charlie met Nate when she was getting ___. Water
Charlie’s brother Danny suffers from ___. Asthma
Charlie’s dad his some powerful info on a USB drive. Who has it now? Aaron
Charlie’s mom ___ after the lights went out. Died
Charlie’s dad thought his wide is ___. Dead
Charlie’s mom is played by actor Elizabeth Mitchell. She was Juliet on ___. Lost
David Lyons is currently uberbaddie Monroe on “Revolution,” but he previously appeared on ___. ER
“Revolution” star Billy Burke is in the ___ franchise. Twilight
“Revolution” star Giancario Esposito was just nominated for an Emmy for his work on ___. Breaking Bad
“Revolution” takes place ___ years after the blackout. 15
“Revolution” is brought to you by producer Eric Kripke, who created the cult-hit ___. Supernatural.
The “Revolution” pilot episode was directed by “Ironman” director ___. Jon Favreau
The militia came for Charlie’s ___. Father
What is a “hanging offense” in this new world? Owning a gun
What’s Charlie’s full first name? Charlotte
Who directed tonight’s episode? Jon Favreau
Who is Charlie’s uncle? Miles

The Voice
Adam Levine will be guest staring on ___ this season. American Horror Story
Blake Shelton dueted with Trace Atkins on the song ___. Hillbilly Bone
Blake Shelton is married to ___. Miranda Lambert
Carson Daly famously hosted the show ___. TRL
Casey Muessigmann used to ___. Wrestle
Cee Lo had a small rose on NBC’s ___. Parenthood
Cee Lo’s new album is titled “Cee Lo Green…___.” Is Everybody’s Brother
Christina Aguilera appeared on the classic TV show ___. Mickey Mouse Club
Christina rocked the 2010 film ___. Burlesque
Coach Blake Shelton is married to country music star ___. Miranda Lambert
Contestants must be ___ years old to audition for “The Voice.” 15
How tall is Blake Shelton? 6′ 5″
How tall is coach Blake Shelton? 6’5″
Loren Allred from Team Adam lives in a ___. Artist compound
Nelly’s Echo from team Christina was born in ___. Nigeria
Season 2 runner up Juliet Simms was on Team ___. Cee Lo
Team Adam’s Bryan Keith’s father is a ___. Singer
Team Blake’s mother-daughter duo is called ___. 2 Steel Girls
Team Blake’s Terry McDermott came to the US with his ___. Band
Team Christina came in ___ place last season. 4th
Terry McDermott from Team Blake is from ___. Scotland
The first winner of “The Voice” won ___. 100000
The Season 3 blind auditions brought us the first singer to audition entirely in ___. Spanish
The Season 3 blind auditions brought us the first singer to audition entirely in ___. Spanish
“The Voice” advisor Billie Joe Armstrong had a rough weekend. He had a meltdown at a ___. Music festival
“The Voice” advisor Mary J. Blige has won ___ Grammys. 9
“The Voice” advisor Michael Buble is Italian and ___. Canadian
“The Voice” advisor Rob Thomas is front man for ___. Matchbox Twenty
“The Voice” contestant Moses Stone coached by ___. Christina
“The Voice” host Carson Daly became a household name thanks to ___. Total Request Live
The Voice originated in ___. Holland
This season, De’Borah is on Team ___. Christina
This year, Cee Lo won a Grammy for ___. Fool For You
What is Cee Lo’s real name? Thomas DeCarlo Callaway
What is the name of Adam Levine’s band? Maroon 5
What was the name of Christina’s debut album? Christina Aguilera
What words light up behind the coaches’ chairs when they hit their red buttons? I want you
Where is “The Voice” filmed? Los Angeles
Where is Adriana Louise from? Brooklyn
Which artist has NOT been a mentor on “The Voice”? Lil Wayne
Which Christina record featured the gorgeous ballad “Beautiful?” Stripped
Which coach has NOT had one of their team members win “The Voice”? Christina
Which contestant auditioned for the coaches 2 years in a row before getting picked? Daniel Rosa
Which former contestant was a member of “The Mickey Mouse Club” with Christina? Tony Lucca
Which judge claimed Season 1 winner Javier Colon? Adam
Which member of Team Adam played the Warped Tour in 2010? Joe Kirkland
Which member of Team Cee Lo has been dealing with a bum ticker this year? MacKenzie Bourg
Which member of Team Cee Lo is a profesional dancer? (kept Viggle spelling error) Domo
Which member of Team Christina is a former gymnast? Lisa Scinta
Which member of Team Christina is expecting a baby this year? Aqulle
Which member of Team Christina was home-schooled? Devyn Delorea
Who coached Jermaine Paul to victory in Season 2? Blake
Who finished in second place on Season 2 of “The Voice?” Juliet Simms
Who was the runner up in Season 2? Juliet Simms
Who won Season 1? Javier Colon
Who won Season 2? Jermaine Paul


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