Viggle Schedule for 9/26/12 and some answers to help with VIggle LIVE!

26 Sep

Sorry that there was no schedule yesterday, it was my son’s birthday, and I was away all day!


  • Survivor: The Philippines CBS +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!
  • The X Factor FOX +150 Play along with Viggle LIVE! (2 hour show)


  • Modern Family ABC +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE! (30 minute show)
  • Criminal Minds CBS +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!
  • Inside the NFL Showtime East +200 Possible points for DirecTV users


  • Top Chef Masters Bravo +150 Play along with Viggle LIVE! (I would love to taste their food!)
  • Revenge ABC +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!
  • CSI CBS +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!

Criminal Minds
Aaron Hotchner’s son is named — Jack
Agent Jennifer Jareau used to be the — Press liaison
Agent Rossi is also a — Best selling author
Before Prentiss joined BAU, she was in the — CIA
Derek lied to his family about — His cousin’s death
JJ’s son Henry’s godparents are — Reid & Garcia
On “Criminal Minds,” Penelope Garcia is the BAU’s ___. — Technical analyst
Premiered in — 2005
Profiler most likely to break down a door — Derek
Reid’s Mom is played by — Jane Lynch
Shemar Moore was on — Young & The Restless
The term ‘unsub’ stands for — Unknown Subject
Which “Criminal Minds” profiler is most likely to kick down a door? — Derek Morgan

Modern Family
Claire, when delivering bad news — Smiles
Fizbo is Cam’s — Clown persona
Howard Stern’s daughter — Sarah Hyland
Jay, Ed O’Neill played — Al Bundy
Lily’s first word was — Mommy
Luke and Manny’s basketball team is — The Lil’ Dribblers
Middle Dunphy child — Alex
On “Modern Family,” Manny’s turtle was named ___. — Shell Turtlestein
Phil’s nickname for Dylan is — D Money
Rico Rodriguez plays Gloria’s son — Manny
Sofia Vergara plays Gloria Delgado-Prichett
The middle Dunphy child’s name — Alex
Which actress appeared in “Meet The Browns” — Sofia Vergara

Amanda found out who might be alive — Her Mom
Amanda is mentored by — Satoshi
Amanda wants to destroy the — Graysons
Amanda’s alter ego is — Emily
Amanda’s half sister is — Charlotte
Carolyn Miller is whose aunt — Nolan’s
Daniel was engaged to — Emily
Jack owns — Stowaway Tavern
Nolan is a ___ guru — Software
On “Revenge,” Emily has a ___ tattooed on her wrist. — Double infinity sign
Shot on the beach — Tyler
Symbol most important to Amanda — Infinity
Victoria had an affair with — David
Where is it set — The Hamptons
Who is Charlotte’s father — David

Survivor: Philippines
Contestant that competed on American Ninja Warrior — Ozzy Lusth
Host is — Jeff Probst
Number of individual challenges Colby Donaldson won in season 2 — 9
Current contestant Russell Swan also competed in ___. Survivor: Samoa
Former “Survivor” contestant Brian Heidik had a role on the daytime soap ___. Days of Our Lives
On “Survivor: Cook Islands,” the tribes were divided by ___. Race
On “Survivor: Palau,” the Koror tribe won all of the ___ challenges. Immunity
On “Survivor: Thailand,” the 2 teams were picked by the ___ members. Oldest
Returning player Michael Skupin left his original season because ___. He passed out into a fire
“Survivor: Africa” was the first season to feature a ___. Tribal swap
“Survivor: Cook Islands” was the first season to have ___ in the final. 3 people
“Survivor: Philippines” contestant Abi-Maria Gomes is from ___. Brazil
“Survivor: Philippines” contestant Angie Layton was ___ in 2010. Miss Teen Utah
“Survivor: Philippines” contestant Jonathan Penner had to leave “Survivor: Micronesia” because of a ___. Knee infection
“Survivor: Philippines” contestant Michael Skupin has ___ children. 7
“Survivor: Philippines” contestant Zane Knight works in ___. Tire repair
“Survivor: Philippines” is the 1st season since __ to begin with all 3 tribes. Survivor: All Stars
This season the 3 tribes will be lead by contestants who have already ___. Been evacuated
What is NOT the name of a tribe on “Survivor: Philippines?” Manono
Where did “Survivor” originate? Sweden
Which current contestant is a sex therapist? Denise Stapley
Which one of this year’s contestants is a cancer survivor? Artis Silvester
Who was the first ever two-time winner on “Survivor?” Sandra Diaz-Twine
Who won “Survivor: Redemption Island?” Rob Mariano

Top Chef Masters
Curtis Stone has also appeared on the reality show ___. — Celebrity Apprentice
Food trend watch! According to USA Today, the new Thai is __ for 2012 — Korean
In 2012, Mario Batali vowed to cut off his ponytail if he raised ___ for his charity — $500,000
In addition to “Top Chef Masters,” ___. — Around the World in 80 Plates
In Season 2, Marcus Samuelsson won by ___ . — ½ star
Jay Rayner served as a regular critic on “Top Chef Masters” until the end of Season ___. — 2
On Season 4 of Top Chef Masters, the chefs cooked for ___. — Brian Boitano
Top Chef Masters contestant Hugh Acheson is famous for his ___. — Unibrow
Which celebrity chef caused an uproar when they announced they had diabetes? — Paula Deen
Which chef does not come from NY? — Patricia
Who hosted the first two seasons of Top Chef Masters? — Kelly Choi
Who won Season 1 of “Top Chef Masters?” — Rich Bayless
Who won season 2 of Top Chef Masters? — Marcus Samuelson
Who won Season 3? — Floyd

The X Factor
Britney’s first concert tour ever was opening for ___. — N’SYNC
Demi has a compaign to raise awareness about eating disorders and self-harm. What is her organization called? — Love is Louder than the Pressure to Be Perfect
Demi Lovato has a wrist tattoo that says ___. — Stay strong
Demi’s BFF is Disney starlet ___. — Selena Gomez
Demi’s younger half-sister Madison de la Garza had a recurring role on ___. — Desperate Housewives
How much is the winners’ recording contract worth? — $5 million
L.A. Reid currently works with the label ___. — Epic Records
L.A. Reid ushered in the comeback of ___. — Mariah Carey
Last year, Poor Rachel Crow was sent packing when the judges were in a deadlock. Who put the nail in her coffin? — Nicole Scherzinger
Last year, Simon initially let one “X Factor” contestant go before begging her to return. Who was it? — Melanie Amaro
What was Britney’s reality show called? — Britney & Kevin: Chaotic
What’s the name of Britney’s first fragrance? — Curious
What’s the title of Simon Cowell’s autobiography? — I Don’t Mean to Be Rude, But …
When did Britney and Philip record a duet? — 1999
Which “Jersey Shore” star went on tour with Britney? — Pauly D
Which artist appeared alongside “X Factor” winner Melanie Amaro in her Pepsi commercial? — Elton John
Which artist did L.A. Reid NOT sign? — Britney Spears
Which boyband did Simon Cowell sign in 2011? — One DirectionWhich judge is a metalhead? — Demi Lovato
Which One Direction gent is Demi Lovato’s crush? — Niall Horan
Which show shot Demi Lovato to tween stardom? — Sonny With a Chance
Which song was Demi’s first #1 hit? — Give Your Heart a Break
While at Def Jam, L.A. Reid signed and dropped ___ within three months. Hey, no one’s perfect. — Lady Gaga
Who mentored the groups in Season One? — Paula Abdul
Who shared Britney Spears’ infamous kiss with Madonna? — Christina Aguilera
Who was the host of “X Factor” season 1? — Steve Jones
Who was the runner-up on last year’s “X Factor?” — Josh Kracjik


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