Viggle Schedule for 9/24/12 and some answers to Viggle LIVE!

24 Sep

Here is the schedule for tonight, and if you are looking for long shows to check into, you can go thru this link, play one of the soundbites, and check into a show that way, they are updated constantly!  Thanks SD!


  • How I Met Your Mother CBS +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE! (30 minute show)
  • Switched at Birth ABC Family +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!
  • The Voice NBC +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE! (2 hour show)


  • NFL: Packers @ Seahawks ESPN +150 Play along with MYGUY


  • 2 Broke Girls CBS +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE! (30 minute show)


  • Castle ABC +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!
  • Revolution NBC +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!

Beckett is trying to solve the murder of her — Mother
Castle Nathan Fillmore plays Richard Castle. He also starred in the movie — Saving Private Ryan
Det. Javier Esposito was suspended from the NYPD for — Hiding information
Kate worked through high school to buy a — Motorcycle
Premiered in April of — 2009
Richard Castle is a famous — Mystery Novelist
Richard Castle’s ex-wife Gina is also his — Publisher
Richard Castle’s real name is Richard — Rodgers
Richard Castle’s teenage daughter is named — Alexis
Richard claims that ___ was the inspiration for his first novel — One Life To Live
Richard suffered from — Writer’s block
Richard worked with NYPD because his book — Flowers From Your Grave

How I Met Your Mother
Barney always told people his dad was — Bob Barker
Barney always wears a — Suit
Barney wanted to join the — Peace Corps
Before playing Lily, Alyson Hannigan starred on — Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Britney Spears played a ___ on “How I Met Your Mother.” — Receptionist
Lily despises the word — Moist
Lily is a — Kindergarten teacher
Lily pursued an art fellowship in — San Francisco
Neil Patrick Harris is famous for his role on — Doogie Howser MD
On “How I Met Your Mother,” Lily and Marshall’s baby is named ___. — Marvin
On “How I Met Your Mother,” Robin hails from ___. — Canada
Robin has NOT dated — Marshall
Robin was a — Pop singer in Canada
Ted & Marshall met — In College
Ted almost married — Stella
Ted is an — Architect
The bar gang hangs out at — MacLaren’s
Voiceover narration is done by — Bob Saget

After the Blackout, Charlie’s neighborhood became part of the ___. — Monroe Republic
Before the lights went out, Aaron worked at ___. — Google
Before the lights went out, Miles served in the ___. — US Marine Corps
Before Tom Neville became a baddie for the Monroe Republic, he was a ___. — Insurance adjuster
Charlie and Co. found Miles in an old ___. — Hotel
Charlie met Nate when she was getting ___. — Water
Charlie’s brother Danny suffers from ___. — Asthma
Charlie’s dad his some powerful info on a USB drive. Who has it now? — Aaron
Charlie’s mom ___ after the lights went out. — Died
“Revolution” is brought to you by producer Eric Kripke, who created the cult-hit ___. — Supernatural.
The militia came for Charlie’s ___. — Father
What is a “hanging offense” in this new world? — Owning a gun
What’s Charlie’s full first name? — Charlotte
Who directed tonight’s episode? — Jon Favreau
Who is Charlie’s uncle? — Miles

The Voice
Coach Blake Shelton is married to country music star ___. Miranda Lambert
Contestants must be ___ years old to audition for The Voice. 15
How tall is coach Blake Shelton? 6’5″
Loren Allred from Team Adam lives in a ___. Artist compound
Nelly’s Echo from team Christina was born in ___. Nigeria
Team Adam’s Bryan Keith’s father is a ___. Singer
Terry McDermott from Team Blake is from ___. Scotland
The Season 3 blind auditions brought us the first singer to audition entirely in ___. Spanish
The Voice originated in ___. Holland
What is Cee Lo’s real name? Thomas DeCarlo Callaway
What words light up behind the coaches’ chairs when they hit their red buttons? I want you
Where is “The Voice” filmed? Los Angeles
Which coach has NOT had one of their team members win “The Voice”? Christina
Which contestant auditioned for the coaches 2 years in a row before getting picked? Daniel Rosa
Which member of Team Christina is expecting a baby this year? Aqulle


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