Viggle Schedule for 9/23/12, MYGUY, and Viggle LIVE answers.

23 Sep

Here is the schedule for tonight (and here are some shows to play along with MYGUY):

Philadelphia at Arizona – DTV Ch. 713 – 3:05pm-6:05pm LIVE +200 Bonus for DirecTv Only MYGUY FOR EVERYONE!
Atlanta at San Diego – DTV Ch. 714 – 3:05pm-6:05pm LIVE +200 Bonus for DirecTv Only MYGUY FOR EVERYONE!
Houston at Denver – DTV Ch. 715 – 3:25pm-6:25pm LIVE +200 Bonus for DirecTv Only MYGUY FOR EVERYONE!
Pittsburgh at Oakland – DTV Ch. 716 – 3:25pm-6:25pm LIVE +200 Bonus for DirecTv Only MYGUY FOR EVERYONE!


  • 64th Primetime Emmy Awards ABC +200 Play along with Viggle LIVE!


  • Patriots @ Ravens NBC +100 Play along with MYGUY


  • Hell on Wheels AMC +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!
  • Boardwalk Empire HBO +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!


  • Bridezillas WE tv +50
  • Ice Road Truckers History +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!

Boardwalk Empire
According to Jimmy Darmody, “You can’t be half a ___.” — Gangster
Actor Steve Buscemi is also famous for his role in — Reservoir Dogs
Al Capone was born in ___. — New York
During Prohibition, a “blind pig” referred to a ___. — Speakeasy
First episode directed by — Scorsese
Gangsters Johnny Torrio and Al Capone are from — Chicago
Jimmy Darmody attended — Princeton
Lucky Luciano is affiliated with ___. — Arnold Rothstein
Lucy Danziger is the former mistress of Nucky and — Agent Van Alden
Margaret Schroeder emigrated from — Ireland
Margaret Schroeder is originally from ___. — County Kerry, Ireland
Nelson Van Alden is a ___. — Prohibition offer (Viggle Version #1, typo in answer)
Nelson Van Alden is a ___. — Federal agent (Viggle Version #2)
Nucky serves as ___ of Atlantic City — Treasurer
Nucky Thompson’s younger brother is named — Eli
Nucky was mentored by — The Commondore
Nucky’s bodyguard Owen was a member of the — Irish Republican Army
Powerful New York crime boss ___ is one of Nucky’s chief rivals — Arnold Rothstein
Richard wears a mask to hide his injuries from — World War I
Singer Eddie Cantor began his career in ___. — Vaudeville
The Eighteenth Amendment of the US Constitution prohibited the sale of ___. — Intoxicating liquors
The second season of “Boardwalk Empire” takes place in ___. — 1921
What does Richard Harrow wear on his face? — A Tin Mask
What is Atlantic City’s nickname? — The World’s Playground
What signature flower does Nucky Wear? — Carnation
Which of these terms is slang for bootleg liquor? — Hooch
Who plays Al Capone on “Boardwalk Empire?” — Stephen Graham
Who turned against Nucky? — Jimmy, Eli and The Commodore

Carley went on a diet where she only ate — Candy
Cops were needed when Ayanna argued with the — Groom’s sister
Cristal slapped her fiance over — Centerpieces
Danni insisted her bridesmaid refer to her as the — Most beautiful bride
First male to appear — Jon
Frankie tried to force her bridesmaid to — Pierce her ears
Kim smashed her fiance’s ___ when he wouldn’t help w/ wedding favors — Video Game System
Lacy insisted on an outdoor wedding during a ___ season — Tornado
Ladrienna returned her wedding presents when her — Car broke down
Melody forced her sister to attend — Boot camp
Suzy tossed her drink on the Best Man because he wouldn’t — Change his speech
The show was going to be titled — Manhattan Brides
Tricias Wedding was themed — Bros and Hos

Hell on Wheels
A bounty was offered to capture Cullen — $250
According to Lily’s nickname, she is the “___ of the West.” — The Fair-Haired Maiden
Anson Munt broke out in the movie — Crossroads
Bohannon first got his revenge on the Union by posing as a ___. — Priest
Bohannon is building a bridge that will invade the sacred territory of the ___. — Sioux
Bohannon used a ___ to escape when he was imprisoned in a freight car. — Spoon
Eva’s tattoo is meant to communicate her ___. — Worth
Focuses on construction of the first — Transcontinental railroad
Is filmed in — Alberta, Canada
Robert and Lily hid from Cheyenne renegades in the words until ___ gave them away. — Robert’s cough
Sean McGinnes claims to have ___ toes. — 8
Set in year — 1865
The Death of President ___ looms over the action. — Abraham Lincoln
The Swede has a macabre place to hide his rifles. Where does he keep them? — A coffin
When the Swede heard the gunfire last week, he compared it to ___. — Trumpets
Where is Durant from? — New York
Which hip-hop artist stars — Common
Who is head of security — The Swede
Who plays Cullen Bohannan — Anson Mount

Ice Road Truckers
Alex’s long time rival — Hugh
Drove to the __ mines — Diamond
First female driver — Lisa Kelly
Hugh Rowland’s nickname — The Polar Bear
Hugh’s truck is named — The Crow’s Nest
Jack Jesse specializes in — Fuel tankers
Lisa Kelly is a former — School Bus driver
Maya has ___ tattooed on her neck. — Kenworth
One team tackled the Dalton roads and the other team took — Manitoba
Rookie drivers are called — Highway maggots
Todd was fired because he was ___ on the job — Speeding
Tony was a high school — Wrestler
Which driver has 11 children — Alex


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