Viggle Schedule for 9/21/12, link for +1000 add, and answers to help with Viggle LIVE!

21 Sep

Please click here and you can play the Wendy’s add that will give you+1000 points today (last day).  Please remember that you have to have two devices to do this (one to play the add, the other one to check into the add).  If you cannot do this, the add will play tonight during America’s Next Top Model at 7pm.

Here is the schedule for today:


  • Tour Championship, Second Round Golf Channel +50


  • America’s Next Top Model The CW +100
  • Shark Tank ABC +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE! (1:01 hour show)


  • Fish Hooks Disney +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE! (30 minute show)


  • Fashion Police E! +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!

Fashion Police
Before her comedy career took off, Joan worked as a ___. — Tour guide
George has said that his immigrant parents wanted him to be a lawyer, businessman or a ___. — Doctor
Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne are co-hosts of ___. — Miss USA
Giuliana Rancic’s hubby once appeared on ___. — The Apprentice
Giuliana’s been away from the show because she’s ___. — On maternity leave
Giulianna isn’t the only “Fashion Police” star with a new family member! Kelly has a brand new ___. — Niece
How many new segments were added to Fashion Police in 2012? — 3
Joan Rivers double majored in college! She graduated with degrees in English Lit and ___. — Anthrolopology
Joan Rivers first show biz job was a play, which also starred ___. — Barbara Streisand
Joan Rivers recently caused a scene when she protested at a ___. — Costco
Joan Rivers won ____. — Celebrity Apprentice
Kelly has rocked reality TV with her appearances on “The Osbournes” and ___. — Dancing With the Stars
On August 29, co-host Guiliana Rancic welcomed a baby boy named ___. — Edward
What segment features photos submitted by fans? — Fan Find
What was Joan River’s first plastic surgery procedure? — An eye lift
What was Kelly’s debut album called? — Shut Up
What was the title of the documentary on Joan Rivers? — Piece of Work
Where is George Kotsiopoulos from? — Illinois
Where was Joan Rivers born? — Brookyn, NY
Which “Fashion Police” host won “Celebrity Apprentice”? — Joan Rivers
Which “Fashion Police” segment dissects looks from movie premiers? — Hot Ticket
Which host in in charge on Fashion Police? — Joan Rivers
Which Kardashian sister has appeared on the show? — Khloe
Which new “Fashion Police” segment debuted on last week’s show? — That’s Some Spread
Who is the only male co-host on “Fashion Police?” — George Kotsiopolous

Shark Tank
Daymond John launched his clothing brand in ___. — Flea markets
Daymond revealed that he got started at — Flea markets
Former “Shark Tank” panelist Jeff Foxworthy is the host of ___. — Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader
In the first episode of “Shark Tank,” the panel approved a proposal for a ___ factory. — Pie
Last season, the panelists offered an investment to students pitching different flavors of ___. Peanut Butter
Panel member Mark Cuban owns the NBA’s ___. — Dallas Mavericks
Panelist Barbara Corcoron is best known for her successful ___ business. — Real Estate
Panelist Daymond John made his fortune in ___. — Fashion
Panelist Mark Cuban is a ___. — Billionaire
Panelist Robert Herjavec is from ___. — Canada
Quest panel member Lori Greiner is often referred to as the “Queen of ___.” — QVC (Viggle typo preserved)
“Shark Tank” panelist Kevin O’Leary made his fortune in ___. — Educational Software
When did “Shark Tank” premiere? — 2009
When Mark Cuban arrived in Season 3, he replaced ___. — Kevin Harrington
Which comedian made an appearance on as a panel member? — Jeff Foxworthy (Viggle typo preserved)
Which famous rapper dropped by the Season 3 finale? — Pitbull
Who was NOT an original panelist on”Shark Tank?” — Lori Greiner


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