Viggle Schedule for 9/11/12 and a +1000 point sound clip!!!! And some answers that might help with Viggle LIVE!

11 Sep

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, thank you SD!!! Click on either of the following links to get +1000 points added to your account (You will need two devices to do this, a computer to play the sound, and then your iPad/iPhone Viggle app to listen to the sound):

SoundCloud or YouTube

The points will be credited to your accout as soon as you check into another show (I checked into the commercial twice, and it showed up, only got credited once)

Here is the schedule for tonight:


  • The Voice NBC +100


  • White Collar USA +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!
  • Go On NBC +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE! (30 minute show)


  • The New Normal NBC Potential +50 (removed from carousel) (30 minute show)


  • Parenthood NBC +100 Play along with Viggle LIVE!
  • All the Right Moves Oxygen +100 Play along with Viggle LIVE!
  • Sons of Anarchy FX +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE! (1 hour and 30 minute show)

All the Right Moves
Kyle didn’t move to LA to just pursue dancing. What’s his other passion? — Acting
Nick injured his ___. — Ribs
Nick was the first person ever to appear twice on the cover of ___. — Dance Spirit
Nick won Season ___ of “So You Think You Can Dance.” — Season One
Teddy is ___ weeks late for his “So You Think You Can Dance” submission. — [B]2 weeks/B]
Teddy just said that he was cast to perform a number on ___. — Dancing With The Stars
Teddy’s first professional job was for ___. — Janet Jackson
Travis finished in 2nd place on Season ___ of “So You Think You Can Dance.” — Two
Travis said his mom mentored his childhood friends ___. — Jaimie and Taja
Travis’ first gig was a commercial for which bubbly product? — Dr Pepper
Where is NUVO located? – Phoenix
Which one of the 3 dancers was an assistant choreographer for Beyonce’s I AM tour? — Bryan
Which one of the Shaping Sound guys is NOT part owner of the company? — Kyle
Who is not one of the three owners of Shaping Sound? — Kyle
Who performs this song, “Infinity?” — The XX

White Collar
Andrew McCarthy plays — Adler
Before joining the FBI, Peter Burke almost played professional ___. — Baseball
Burke almost played — Baseball
Matt Bomer also appeared on ___. — Chuck
Neal is also known for his — Style
Neal was caught by — Peter
Neal works with the — FBI
Neal’s sidekick is — Mozzie
Neals’ benefactor — June
Neil was a famous — Forger
On “White Collar,” Agent Kramer is trying to get ___. — Neal
On “White Collar,” Neal stole memorabilia from the ___. — Yankees
Peter and Elizabeth’s dog is named ___. — Satchmo
Sharif Atkins appeared on — ER
Tiffani Theissen plays Peter’s — Wife
Tim Dekay was on the cult show — Carnivale
“White Collar” actress Marsha Thomason used to be on ___. — LOST
Who is in charge of the NY White Collar Crime Division? — Reese Hughes


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