Viggle Schedule for 9/3/12 and some answers that might help with Viggle LIVE!

3 Sep

Here is the schedule for tonight:


  • Love & Hip: Atlanta VH1 +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!
  • Switched at Birth ABC Family +50
  • Bachelor Pad ABC +50 (2 hour show)


  • Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations Travel +100
  • American Pickers History +50
  • Coma A&E +100 (1 and 52 minute show)


  • Grimm NBC +100 Play along with Viggle LIVE!

According to Nick’s mama, the 7 keys were forged during ___. — The Crusades
Another name for Bigfoot is — Wildermann
Aunt Marie gave Nick a ___ before she died. — Key
“Grimm” is set and filmed in ___. — Oregon
How many suspects were involved in Nick’s parents’ death — 4
Juliette lost her memories because of a ___. — Potion
Monroe owns a ___ repair business. — Clock
Nick gets his special weapons and tools from ___. — Aunt Marie’s trailer
The Coins of Zakynthos give ___ to anyone who holds them. — Power and confidence
The creatures Nick meets are called ___. — Wesen
What kind of Wesen are Blutbads? — Wolf-like
When he’s not on Grimm duty, Nick works as a ___. — Detective

Love & Hip Hop
Erica is a licensed ___. — Medical technician
Erica’s new love interest is a ___. — Realtor
Juelz Santana had a son with — Kimbella
K. Michelle has a degree in ___. — Psychology
K. Michelle is a ___. — Songwriter
Mimi owns her own ___ business. — Cleaning
Stevie J and Mimi have an adorable daughter. What is her name? — Eva
Who is Momma Dee’s son? — Scrappy
Yandy gave Chrissy a — Guide book



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