Viggle Scheduel for 8/28/12 and some answers that might help with Viggle LIVE!

28 Aug

Here is the schedule for tonight:



  • Pretty Little Liars ABC Family +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!
  • Por Ella Soy Eva Univision +50
  • America’s Got Talent NBC +100 (2 hour show)


  • White Collar USA +100 Play along with Viggle LIVE! (1:01 show)


  • Storage Wars A&E +50 (30 minute show)
  • All the Right Moves Oxygen +100 Play along with Viggle LIVE


  • Storage Wars A&E POTENTIAL +50 (30 minute show)

Pretty Little Liars
Alison’s fav book is — Lolita
Alison’s older brother — Jason
Allison’s alias is ___. — Vivian Darkbloom
Aria had an affair with an — English teacher
Aria’s mom teaches at ___. — Rosewood High
Aria’s dad is named — Byron
Byron was a — Teacher
Byron worked at ___ College. — Hollis
Ella’s new boyfriend Zach works at a ___. — Coffee Shop
Girls see a therapist named — Anne Sullivan
Hanna is dating — Caleb
Hanna’s outcast pal is — Lucas
Ian, Garrett & Jason belonged to what club — N.A.T.
In season one Spencer’s sister married — Ian
Mona’s favorite type of solitaire is — Klondike
Rosewood’s Cupcake Shop is named ___. — Lucky Leon’s Cupcakes
The fictional town of Rosewood is located in ___. — Pennsylvania
Toby’s stepsister — Jenna
What does Spencer’s mom do for a living? — She’s a lawyer
Which “Liar” used to have a thing for shoplifting? — Hanna
Which “Liars” aren’t just BFF’s, but roomies too? — Hanna and Emily
Which liar came out to her parents during the first season — Emily
Which liar hooked up with Toby — Spencer
Which one says “Shhh” in the opening credits — Aria
Which pop group sings the “Pretty Little Liars” theme song? — The Pierces
Who is not one of the main liars — Melissa
Who is on Rosewood High’s swim team — Emily

White Collar
Andrew McCarthy plays — Adler
Burke almost played — Baseball
Matt Bomer used to be on — Chuck
Neal is also known for his — Style
Neal was caught by — Peter
Neal works with the — FBI
Neal’s sidekick is — Mozzie
Neals’ benefactor — June
Neil was a famous — Forger
On “White Collar,” Agent Kramer is trying to get ___. — Neal
On “White Collar,” Neal stole memorabilia from the ___. — Yankees
Peter and Elizabeth’s dog is named — Satchmo
Sharif Atkins appeared on — ER
Tiffani Theissen plays Peter’s — Wife
Tim Dekay was on the cult show — Carnivale
“White Collar” actress Marsha Thomason used to be on ___. — LOST


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