Viggle Schedule for 8/26/12 & some anwers that might help with Viggle LIVE

26 Aug

Here is the schedule for tonight (viggle live answers below):


  • Big Brother CBS +50 (starts at 7:01pm) Play along with Viggle LIVE!


  • Keeping Up With the Kardashians E!  +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE!
  • Leverage TNT +50


  • Briedezillas WE tv +100
  • Army Wives Lifetime +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE! (1:01 show)


  • Small Town Security AMC +250 (30 minute show)

Army Wives
Based on book by — Tanya Biank
Fort Marshall’s biggest gossip is — Marilyn
Holds title of — Most successful Lifetime serial
Husbands are members of which Airborne Division — 23rd
Is filmed where — Charlestown, SC (Viggle misspelled; should be Charleston)
Roland is also a — Psychiatrist
Roxy married Trevor after courtship of — 4 days
Set on the base of — Fort Marshall
The women initially bonded over — Pamela’s surrogacy
Which actor grew up in a military family — Terry Serpico
Which television icon appears as Audrey — Susan Lucci

Big Brother
First filmed in — The Netherlands
Houseguest Scott Weintraub was banished because of — His violent outburst
Houseguest that won the most competitions — Janelle Pierzina
Julie Chen is also regular on — The Talk
Julie Chen tell housemates to: Expect the unexpected
Mike Boogle and Dr. Will formed alliance called — Chilitown
Natalie and her ___ appeared on the show — Identical twin sister
Oldest houseguest ever — Jerry McDonald
Pandora’s Box can only be opened by — The Head of Household
PBJ sandwiches were replaced with — Big Brother Slop
Season 12 Saboteur was — Ragan Fox
Show is based on the internet talk show called — House Calls
Two contestants learned they were — Siblings

Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Created the gowns on Wedding Specials — Vera Wang
Family compound in — Calabasas
Khloe is married to NBA star — Lamar Odom
Kim’s marriage lasted – 72 days
Kim’s publicist & BFF — Jonathan Cheban
Kourtney date — Scott Disick
Kourtney teases Kim about her — Ugly crying face
Kourtney, Kim & Khloe own a store called — Dash
Kourtney’s son is named — Mason
Patriarch Bruce Jenner was an Olympic gold medal winner in — The Decathlon
Rob dated former Disney Star — Adrienne Ballon
Spawned spin offs – 3
Which Kardashian sister is the oldest — Kourtney
Whose marriage lasted 72 days — Kim


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