Viggle Schedule for 8/22 UPDATE with some answers that might help with Viggle LIVE

22 Aug

Here is the schedule for tonight


  • Big Brother CBS +50 Play along with Viggle LIVE
  • So You Think You Can Dance FOX +50 (2 hour show)


  • Royal Pains USA +150 (1.01 hour show)
  • America’s Got Talent NBC +150 (my tile has no points, I will change it if the amount changes)


  • Top Chef Masters Bravo HD +50
  • America’s Lost Treasures National Geographic +50
  • Necessary Roughness USA +50 (starts at 9:01pm) (1.01 hour show) Play along with Viggle LIVE

Big Brother
First filmed in — The Netherlands
Houseguest Scott Weintraub was banished because of — His violent outburst
Houseguest that won the most competitions — Janelle Pierzina
Julie Chen is also regular on — The Talk
Julie Chen tell housemates to: Expect the unexpected
Mike Boogle and Dr. Will formed alliance called — Chilitown
Natalie and her__ appeared on the show — Identical twin sister
Oldest houseguest ever — Jerry McDonald
Pandora’s Box can only be opened by — The Head of Household
PBJ sandwiches were replaced with — Big Brother Slop
Season 12 Saboteur was — Ragan Fox
Show is based on the internet talk show called — House Calls
Two contestants learned they were — Siblings


Necessary Roughness: Dani is dating — Matt
Necessary Roughness: Dani is a __ — Therapist
Necessary Roughness: Dani’s first Hawks patient was — TK
Necessary Roughness: Mehcad Brooks was on — True Blood
Necessary Roughness: Dani treated a golfer with — Yips
Necessary Roughness: Callie Thorne played crazy on — Rescue Me
Necessary Roughness: Gaius Charles plays a new — Recruit
Necessary Roughness: Dani works for — The Hawks
Necessary Roughness: Nico is known as the — Fixer
Necessary Roughness: Actor Marc Blucas used to slay — Vampires
Necessary Roughness: Ray Jay is dating his — Tutor
Necessary Roughness: Dani helped a ____ player — Poker


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