Viggle Schedule for 7/17 and some more FAQ’s

17 Jul

Here is the schedule for tonight, and following you will find some more FAQ’s.


  • Pretty Little Liars ABC Family +100


  • Rizzoli & Isles TNT +150
  • Pyros Weather Channel +100


  • Kendra on Top WE tv +200 (30 minute show)
  • Storage Wars A&E +100 (30 minute show)
  • Covert Affairs USA +150 (starts at 9:01pm)


  • Workaholics Comedy Central +100 (30 minute show)
  • Kendra on Top WE tv  (30 minute show) NO EXTRA POINTS, but please check-in if you are entering the contest
  • Storage Wars A&E  (30 minute show) POTENTIAL EXTRA POINTS


Q: What are ads?

A: If you really have that question, seriously? But Viggle’s ads aren’t those pop-up ads you find in free apps, but they are ads that you can watch for Viggle points. And Viggle points equals money. Ads are THE major way of getting points, besides check-ins.

Q: How do I watch these ads?

A: Ads are on certain Featured shows and other shows that you can search for. Ads are also on the tiles (see below if you don’t know what a tile is).

Q: When do ads appear?

A: Random times throughout the day, but usually during the reset (see “the reset” section below)

Q: How many points are ads worth?

A: Between 5 points and 100 points. Remember that a 100 point ad is equal to about 6 cents in gift cards! Worth it to spend 45 seconds on!

Q: How long are the ads?

A: Usually 15 or 30 seconds, but some trailers are 2-3 minutes. Note that even though an ad is longer, it may not be worth as many points as a shorter ad… Some 5 point ads are 3 minutes long while 75 point ads are 15 seconds long.

Q: How many times can you watch an ad?

A: As many times as it shows up. If it shows up twice, watch it twice. If it only shows up once, you can obviously only watch it once.

Q: What is “mashing” ads?

A: Mashing ads is defined as clicking on every ad you see in the app… it’s an easy way to get points.

Q: I’m not getting too many ads. How can I get more?

A: Locations change every day, but you can usually find one good ad under these places every day…


2 Responses to “Viggle Schedule for 7/17 and some more FAQ’s”

  1. Melissa July 18, 2012 at 8:07 am #

    Storage Wars at 9:30 did indeed bring an extra 100 bonus points. Thanks! How did you know it would?

    • Your Shopping Bug July 18, 2012 at 8:53 am #

      I have heard from some people that it would. It seems that most shows that are 30 minutes and are followed by the same show (a different episode) it is giving extra credit. But Kendra is not giving the extra points since they have it in the contest. I’m so glad you got the extra points!!!!

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