Viggle Schedule for 7/16 and FAQ’s UPDATE

16 Jul

Here is the schedule for tonight:


  • Fear Factor NBC +100
  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager ABC Family +100
  • The Bachelorette ABC +100 (2 hour show)
  • Por Ella Soy Eva Univision+100 ADDED


  • MasterChef FOX +150
  • The Closer TNT +100


  • Perception TNT +150
  • Lost Girl Syfy +100



Q: How can I earn Viggle points?
A: You can earn points in the following ways:

  • Checking-in to TV shows (1 point per minute)
  • Watching ads or trailers (5, 10, 15, 30, 50, 75 or 100 points)
  • Sharing check-ins on Twitter and/or Facebook (5 points per share)
  • Participating in special events, such as Viggle LIVE (point amounts vary by event)

Q: I can’t re-watch the ads in the “featured show carousel”. Why?
A: After viewing a featured ad and the checkmark appears, click on the Whats On button. The ad will refresh (checkmark removed) and you can play again. iOS 1.0.7 update: Refresh by pressing “Rewards” then “What’s On” again.

Q: My points appear to be lagging or not crediting.
A: Lag occurs regularly, especially during peak hours (primetime, after reset). Your points will add later on. Occasionally ads might not credit at all, however, but this is not as common as lag. If it’s not a server lag, you can click on your points total to go to the profile page which usually updates the total. Or you can logoff and logon again which may also update the total.

Q: What should I do if I know an ad isn’t crediting properly?
A: You should report the issue by tweeting to @vigglesupport or sending an e-mail to so that it can be corrected.

Q: Are there any limitations on the amount of points I can earn?
A: You can earn a MAXIMUM of 6,000 points per day. The “day” resets at 12 AM Eastern each night. After this reset, you may begin earning again.
Exception: if you’ve earned 5999 points and you check-in to a show worth 300 points, you can earn 6299 points. But if you’ve earned 5999 and watch a 5 pt ad, your max for the day is 6004 points… time your last check-in to be a big one!

Q: Am I notified when I reach the daily point limit?
A: No! Once you reach the daily point limit, your points will stop increasing. You should record how many points you start with each day so you’ll know when you’ve maxed out.

Q: Is this point limit ever raised?
A: According to Viggle: “We’ll often raise the daily points-earning limits during promotions and Viggle Live events. We’ll be sure to let you know in advance through Twitter and Facebook.”

Q: Can my points expire?
A: Yes! Your points will expire if your account is INACTIVE for one year, NOT one year after you earn them.


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