Viggle schedule for 7/5

5 Jul

Here is the schedule for tonight (and some information for new Viggle users):


  • Take Me Out FOX +250 Play along with Viggle LIVE!
  • Breaking Pointe The CW +100


  • L.A. Hair WE tv +200
  • Wipeout ABC +100


  • Final Offer Discovery Channel +150
  • Kathy Bravo +100


  • Louie FX +100 (30 minute show)


This section is for new users only!  It is just some basic information that pro’s already know!

Q: What is Viggle?

A: Viggle is an app available for iOS and Android which offers you gift cards, coupons, and electronics for simply watching TV and clicking ads in-app! Basically, Viggle can “check-in” to shows by using the microphone on your device to hear what show you’re watching. Each check-in gets you a certain amount of points that you can redeem for gift certificates to Best Buy, Starbucks, Sephora, Burger King, iTunes, etc.!

Q: How do I download it?

A: Go thru this link or download it for Android here… or just scan the QR with your Android bar code scanner.…

Q: But not all rewards programs are created equal… How long does it take to get a gift card?

A: Not too long. If you’re a beginner user, it may only take a few days to get a $5 gift card, but when you start to learn more about the process, it’ll take less time.

Q: I saw those HUGE tables above. What are those about?

A: You’re looking at our primetime schedules. Viggle gives bonus points to the shows listed above each day. If you miss a show, you can check in the next day or the day after that, up to a week… that’s what the links are for! So basically, click one of the links to start a video, open up the app and click “Check-in”… Viggle listens and you get gift cards! It’s that easy!

Q: That seems like a lot of work. Any other ways to get points?

A: First of all, it is not a lot of work, but there are several other ways! The other major way to get points, other than check-ins is ads. you simply click an ad in-app and get credited for it! It’s totally worth it… checking in to a bonus show above yields between 8 and up to 25 cents in gift cards and simply watching an 30 second ad can get you up to 6 cents in gift cards!



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