Viggle Schedule for 7/2 and FAQ’s

2 Jul

Here is the schedule for tonight, and below you will find FAQ’s, please share this with all your friends that do not have Viggle yet!


  • Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta VH1 +100
  • Tia & Tamera Style +100
  • The Bachelorette ABC +100 (2 hour show)


  • American Pickers History Channel +250
  • Master Chef FOX +100


  • Pawn Stars History Channel +200 (30 minute show)
  • Lost Girl Syfy +100

This section of the wiki is for new users only!

Q: What is Viggle?

A: Viggle is an app available for iOS and Android which offers you gift cards, coupons, and electronics for simply watching TV and clicking ads in-app! Basically, Viggle can “check-in” to shows by using the microphone on your device to hear what show you’re watching. Each check-in gets you a certain amount of points that you can redeem for gift certificates to Best Buy, Starbucks, Sephora, Burger King, iTunes, etc.!

Q: How do I download it?
A: Go thru this link to download it for iPad, iPhone, or iPod, or download it for Android here… or just scan the QR with your Android bar code scanner.…

Q: But not all rewards programs are created equal… How long does it take to get a gift card?

A: Not too long. If you’re a beginner user, it may only take a few days to get a $5 gift card, but when you start to learn more about the process, it’ll take less time.

Q: That seems like a lot of work. Any other ways to get points?

A: First of all, it is not a lot of work, but there are several other ways! The other major way to get points, other than check-ins is ads. you simply click an ad in-app and get credited for it! It’s totally worth it… checking in to a bonus show above yields between 8 and up to 25 cents in gift cards and simply watching an 30 second ad can get you up to 6 cents in gift cards!


Q: Is Viggle available for Android?

A: Yes, it’s in beta. More information/signup at:

Q: Does Viggle have any social network sites?
A: Yes. They have a Twitter [], Facebook [], YouTube [] and Blog [].

Q: How can I contact Viggle Support?
A: Your best option is to contact them via e-mail at or send a Tweet to their Support Twitter []. You can also call 1-800-2VIGGLE!

Q: Where can I send my ideas or suggestions?
A: Send them via e-mail to!

Q: Can more than one person share a device?
A: Yes – you can have two accounts on the same device, but if Viggle senses any “unusual” activity, you will be flagged for review.


Q: When can I check-in to a show?

A: You can check into a show at any time during the program, EXCEPT within the last 5 minutes of its airing. You do not have to check in when the show first starts.

Q: How do I receive points for checking in to a show?

A: Once you are checked into a show, you will receive points for the time you watched the show. Viggle assumes you watch until the end.

Q: How long will I receive points for watching?

A: You will continue earning points until: a) the show ends or b) you check in to another show.

Q: After I check in to a show, do I have to leave the app open?

A: No.

Q: After I check in to a show, do I have to watch the whole show to receive credit?

A: No, you actually only need to watch enough to get checked in (unless it is a show with bonus points). You will get credit from the time you check-in until the show goes off or you check-in to a different show, even if you do not continue watching the show.

Q: What are “Featured Shows”?

A: The shows on the “Featured Shows carousel” are shows worth bonus points. In order to earn these, you MUST remain checked in to that show for at least 10 minutes. You may only earn these bonus points for one check in, regardless of whether you watch the show live or recorded. If you check out of the show after 10+ minutes, you won’t get a pop-up notification telling you that you’ve earned the points, but your point balance will increase with bonus (you may need to refresh your point total).

Q: What is manual check-in?

A: Manual check-in is another form of checking in instead of letting Viggle listen to your phone. Simply attempt to check-in, but you don’t have to do anything… just let the app listen to silence. After the app notifies you that your check-in fails, do it again… but this time, you can manually enter the show you want to check-in to. This is useful when Viggle doesn’t recognize your show, some other event (like pro basketball or golf) goes into Overtime and takes up a part of the show, or you don’t have the channel the show is on. Note: this can only be used when your show is CURRENTLY on air. So if you want to check into a show that aired the day before, you can’t use manual check-in, unless there’s a re-air.

Q: Can manual check-ins get you flagged?

A: Probably not, but when you can do a regular check-in, do it.

Q: What about DVRed shows
A: Viggle can recognize recorded content, but may not always be able to do so. Shows that are not live CANNOT be manually checked into. DVRed shows also qualify for “Featured Show” bonus points (but remember, you are only eligible for “Featured Show” bonuses once, regardless of how many times you check in).

Q: What about shows on channels I don’t subscribe to?

A: You can still check into these shows manually.

Q: Viggle doesn’t seem to be listening to my TV!

A: In order for Viggle to listen to your TV (and check you in to the show), you need a microphone. If using an early generation iPod, you HAVE to have an EXTERNAL MICROPHONE in order for Viggle to HEAR your TV! Newer generation iPods have built in mics.

Q: I don’t have a built- in microphone! Where can I purchase an external mic.?
A: You can find inexpensive microphones that plug into the headphone jack on or eBay. Here’s an example of one: Menotek Mini iPod Microphone [].

Q: Are there any limits on the amount of shows I can check into?
Update: As of 6-16-12, there is no 12-hour limit. However, even though this rule is not enforced, if you check-in to more than 12 hours of shows per day, you may get a ban from Viggle.
A: You may only check into and earn points for a MAXIMUM of 12 hours of television programming per day. The “day” resets at 12 AM Eastern each night. After this reset, you may begin watching and earning again. Note: If you check into a 1-hour show halfway in, it’ll only count for 30 minutes, not 1 hour. You really only need 10 minutes for a check-in bonus.

Q: When will I get the points for a show that runs across the daily reset (e.g. 11pm to 1am EST)?
A: You’d be getting all the points as well as any bonus points for that show on the second next day. You only get points after the show ends or you check into something else, and there is no partial credit for the hour of TV watched on the previous day. If you’re looking for the points to credit on the first day, make sure you check into another show at least one minute before the reset (e.g. 11:59 pm).

Q: Can I still check into shows one day after they air and get the 1 pt/minute?
A: Yes, you can even check into shows seven days after they first air and get the 1 pt/minute. But you can’t use manual check-in… you’re going to have to make Viggle think you’re actually watching the show… for that use the links in the first wiki.

Q: Will I still get bonus points for featured shows if I use the process above?
A: Maybe… or maybe not. Bonus points are technically still available seven days after shows first air like the 1 pt/minute, but sometimes bonus points are only available one day after the show airs, sometimes they’re only available three days after. It’s best to just check into your shows one day after they air.

Q: Why shouldn’t I wait six days to check into a show?
A: Don’t. Not only do you have a reduced chance to get bonus points, sometimes Viggle thinks you’re checking into a more recent show. For example, two different NBA games air on June 7 and June 9. On June 10, you try to check into the June 7 NBA game, but Viggle thinks you’re checking into the June 9 game… and the June 7 points are lost forever.

Q: I didn’t get my bonus points for a show I checked into right when it aired. Why?
A: The most likely reason is that Viggle thinks you’re checked into last week’s episode… make sure the episode name matches the one above in the primetime schedule wiki! If it doesn’t, re-check in. Sometimes shows have a problem and it’s a technical error on Viggle’s side… If that happens, a few bonus points will be added to your account in a few days.


Q: How can I earn Viggle points?
A: You can earn points in the following ways:

  • Checking-in to TV shows (1 point per minute)
  • Watching ads or trailers (5, 10, 15, 30, 50, 75 or 100 points)
  • Sharing check-ins on Twitter and/or Facebook (5 points per share)
  • Participating in special events, such as Viggle LIVE (point amounts vary by event)

Q: I can’t re-watch the ads in the “featured show carousel”. Why?

A: After viewing a featured ad and the checkmark appears, click on the Whats On button. The ad will refresh (checkmark removed) and you can play again. iOS 1.0.7 update: Refresh by pressing “Rewards” then “What’s On” again.

Q: My points appear to be lagging or not crediting.
A: Lag occurs regularly, especially during peak hours (primetime, after reset). Your points will add later on. Occasionally ads might not credit at all, however, but this is not as common as lag. If it’s not a server lag, you can click on your points total to go to the profile page which usually updates the total. Or you can logoff and logon again which may also update the total.

Q: What should I do if I know an ad isn’t crediting properly?
A: You should report the issue by tweeting to @vigglesupport or sending an e-mail to so that it can be corrected.

Q: Are there any limitations on the amount of points I can earn?
A: You can earn a MAXIMUM of 6,000 points per day. The “day” resets at 12 AM Eastern each night. After this reset, you may begin earning again.
Exception: if you’ve earned 5999 points and you check-in to a show worth 300 points, you can earn 6299 points. But if you’ve earned 5999 and watch a 5 pt ad, your max for the day is 6004 points… time your last check-in to be a big one!

Q: Am I notified when I reach the daily point limit?
A: No! Once you reach the daily point limit, your points will stop increasing. You should record how many points you start with each day so you’ll know when you’ve maxed out.

Q: Is this point limit ever raised?
A: According to Viggle: “We’ll often raise the daily points-earning limits during promotions and Viggle Live events. We’ll be sure to let you know in advance through Twitter and Facebook.”

Q: How can I turn off point popup notifications?

A: See how to do so HERE!

Q: Can my points expire?
A: Yes! Your points will expire if your account is INACTIVE for one year, NOT one year after you earn them.


Q: What are ads?

A: If you really have that question, seriously? But Viggle’s ads aren’t those pop-up ads you find in free apps, but they are ads that you can watch for Viggle points. And Viggle points equals money. Ads are THE major way of getting points, besides check-ins.

Q: How do I watch these ads?

A: Ads are on certain Featured shows and other shows that you can search for. Ads are also on the tiles (see below if you don’t know what a tile is).

Q: When do ads appear?

A: Random times throughout the day, but usually during the reset (see “the reset” section below)

Q: How many points are ads worth?

A: Between 5 points and 100 points. Remember that a 100 point ad is equal to about 6 cents in gift cards! Worth it to spend 45 seconds on!

Q: How long are the ads?

A: Usually 15 or 30 seconds, but some trailers are 2-3 minutes. Note that even though an ad is longer, it may not be worth as many points as a shorter ad… Some 5 point ads are 3 minutes long while 75 point ads are 15 seconds long.

Q: How many times can you watch an ad?

A: As many times as it shows up. If it shows up twice, watch it twice. If it only shows up once, you can obviously only watch it once.

Q: What is “mashing” ads?

A: Mashing ads is defined as clicking on every ad you see in the app… it’s an easy way to get points.

Q: I’m not getting too many ads. How can I get more?

A: Locations change every day, but you can usually find one good ad under these places every day…


Q: What’s is Viggle Live?
A: Viggle Live is Viggle’s version of playing along during a show. When a show airs with Viggle Live, open up that show from the featured carousel and click “Play along with Viggle Live.” You’ll be given trivia questions to answer (usually +25 for correct, +5 for incorrect), polls to answer, and predictions to make (who will win the super bowl). Sometimes Viggle Live also includes questions from commercials, so you have to pay attention!

Q: What time zone do you have to be in?
A: Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern (continental US) When you first start up Viggle Live, you’ll get to select your time zone.

Q: How long does Viggle Live last?
A: Throughout the entire length of the show you’re watching.

Q: What shows have Viggle Live?
A: It depends. Usually sporting events and awards ceremonies (Super Bowl, Grammys, etc.) But also lots of regular shows, including Whale Wars and American Idol.

Q: How much is a question worth?
A: Usually +25 for a correct answer, +5 for incorrect. For some major events, like the MTV Movie Awards, correct answer point values are tripled.

Q: How many points can you get from Viggle Live?
A: It depends on how generous Viggle is and the amount of points a question is worth. Usually, for an 1 Hour Show, If you get all the questions correct and with no Polls up to +300; For some TV events points range from about +500 to +2000.

Q: What if I don’t know an answer?
A: You have three options… search the answer, guess, or go to the thread and start or join a chat to share Viggle Live answers!

Q: How do I find out what shows have Viggle Live?
A: Either go above to the primetime schedules to check what shows have Viggle Live or scroll through the Featured carousel… if you see anything with “Play along with Viggle Live”, go ahead!

Q: How many times can I play Viggle Live each day?
A: You can play Viggle Live once per day for each show that has it available. You can play it four times, in each time zone, but this may get you banned.

Q: What if I missed the show time but still want to play Viggle Live?
A: If you missed it when it was live for a show in your time zone, you can play along in another time zone. Same goes if you want to play it early… play along in a different time zone. However, you can’t play the same Viggle Live in two different time zones!

Q: What was the first Viggle Live?
A: If you’re curious for history, the first Viggle Live was the Super Bowl. This Viggle Live (actually called the “Viggle Bowl”) was super… the max was around 25,000 points and Amazon and BB GC’s were offered for 4,000 points as a promotion.


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