Viggle announcement!

16 May

Viggle just posted on their blog a change to their rewards.  This is what it said:

Viggle Points Change

To avoid any surprises, we wanted to let you know that we’ll be changing the value of some items in the rewards catalog starting tomorrow at 9AM Eastern. All gift cards, with the exception of $25 cards, will change. Charitable donations, sweeps, offers and physical goods will remain where they are.

Why are we doing this? More than three months in, business is booming. Our members are really engaged which is awesome and simply put, we need to make these changes in order to keep the business model balanced.

We’ve heard you loud and clear that you want more points opportunities and here’s what we’re doing about it…

  • We just launched a 5 million points sweepstakes and will be introducing more contests like this on an ongoing basis
  • We’re putting more video clips and Viggle ads in the app over the next few days with points attached to them
  • Throughout the next 1-2 weeks, we’ll be adding exciting new advertisers and these ads will have a healthy amount of points associated with them

Thanks very much for being early adopters of Viggle. We really appreciate your support.

Jason Reindorp, VP Marketing

I will be redeeming some of my points tonight before the change!  It looks like they will be making it more expensive to get rewards.


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