Viggle Beta testing for Android NOW LIVE!!!

7 May

I just got an email from Viggle, if you have an android phone, please follow the link below to start the beta testing.

This is what the email stated:

Hi there,

Good news! The Android beta testing program for Viggle has just gone live.

Go to and get the test version today.

Step 1: create your Viggle account by filling out the web registration form
Step 2: follow the instructions on screen to install the test version on your Android device
Step 3: send your feedback, problems and issues with as much feedback as possible to

Kind regards,
Viggle Engineering Team

And after going thru the link above, this is what I got:

Thank you for helping us test the Android version of Viggle.

  1. Go to the home screen of your android device.
  2. Click on Menu -> Settings -> Application Sources
  3. Make sure that the “Unknown Sources” item is checked.
  4. Open the web browser on your device and navigate to here. Your phone should automatically download the apk file to the Downloads section of your phone.
  5. When the download is complete, you’ll see a notification that the download is complete (swipe down from the top to display notifications).
  6. Click on that notification to start the installation process.

Please email any feedback or reports of problems with as much detail as possible to:


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