Viggle Schedule for 4/19 and some updates!!!! Second UPDATED SCHEDULE!

19 Apr

Viggle just posted this on their Facebook page:

“New daily points limit, instant wins and a sweepstakes coming soon!
Heads up that starting today, the daily points-earning limit will move to 6,000 points per day. Just for context, you’d have to watch 8 hours of checked-in TV, check into 5 bonus shows and engage with more than 150 ads every day to hit this amount. Suffice to say, our research shows that 98% of our members are currently operating well below this total.
To help you get closer to the new daily total, and to add more fun into the mix, we’ll be adding instant win contests and sweepstakes next week.
We’re also making it easier to invite friends and have made it so the 200 points you receive per friend will now not count towards your daily total. More info on the new invite-a-friend process coming in the next day or so.”

There are some changes ahead!!  Still love Viggle!!!  I love apps that give you money for just clicking on some buttons!

Here is tonight’s schedule:

NOTE: You MUST remain checked into these shows for at least 10 minutes to receive the bonus points!


  • The Vampire Diaries The CW +400 now and Watch with Viggle LIVE
  • NBA: Bulls @ Heat TNT +200


  • 30 Rock NBC +225 (30 minute show) now Watch with Viggle LIVE


  • Real Housewives of Atlanta Bravo +300 (Watch with Viggle LIVE!)
  • Gray’s Anatomy ABC +225
  • Swamp People History Channel +200
  • Mary Mary WE +200


  • Parks and Recreation NBC +200 (30 minute show)


  • The Pauly D Project MTV +225 (30 minute show)
  • NBA: Clippers @ Suns TNT +225


  • MMA Uncensored Live Spike TV +275  JUST ADDED TO THE SCHEDULE


  • Jimmy Kimmel Live ABC +250 (this show will credit and count towards Friday’s point and hour limits)

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