Viggle Primetime Schedule for 4/6 (Revised)

6 Apr

Here is the schedule for tonight:


  • Giants@ Diamondbacks ESPN2 +200


  • The Finder FOX +250


  • Grimm NBC +275
  • CSI: NY CBS +250
  • Ghost Adventures Travel +225


  • In Plain Sight USA +250
  • Ancient Aliens History International +250  JUST ADDED
  • Fashion Police E! +225
  • Blue Bloods CBS +200


  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon NBC +250  JUST ADDED

NOTE: You MUST remain checked into these shows for at least 10 minutes to receive the bonus points!

Q: What about DVRed shows?
A: Viggle can recognize recorded content, but may not always be able to do so. Shows that are not live CANNOT be manually checked into. DVRed shows also qualify for “Featured Show” bonus points (but remember, you are only eligible for “Featured Show” bonuses once, regardless of how many times you check in).


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