Viggle points for 4/3

3 Apr

Here is tonight’s schedule (9pm is a bit crazy, but a few shows re-air later tonight) , and a little info posted on Viggle’s Facebook timeline  follows!


  • Giuliana & Bill Style +300


  • Real Housewives of Orange County Bravo +275
  • Ringer The CW +275
  • Top Gear History +200


  • Justified FX +250
  • Storage Wars Texas A&E +225
  • Tabatha Takes Over Bravo +225
  • Tosh.O Comedy Central +225 (1/2 hour show)(re-airs at 11:01pm)
  • Chopped Food Network +225 (re-airs at midnight)
  • Body of Proof ABC +200
  • Best Ink Oxygen +200 (re-airs at 10pm)


  • Let’s Stay Together BET +200 (re-airs at 10:30pm)


Looking to pick up a few more points? Here’s a pointer: every week, Viggle LIVE runs quizzes during a number of shows, worth up to 150 additional bonus points when you play along after you check in. The quizzes are about last week’s episode, so they’re a good test of your short-term memory – which you can always ‘refresh’ by checking out the episode guides or recaps on their respective sites. This week, Viggle LIVE quizzes will run during ‘Smash’ tonight ( NBC Mon 10/9C ), tomorrow night during ’NCIS‘ (CBS Tues 8/7C), ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ (CBS Tues 9/8C) and Weds night on ‘Criminal Minds‘ (CBS Weds 9/8C), so set your reminders and scoop up that bumper crop of 600 points!


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