Viggle shows for 3/28/12

28 Mar

Here are the shows for tonight.


  • Whitney NBC +200 (1/2 hour show)
  • American Idol FOX +300
  • Survivor: One World CBS +225


  • Sons of guns Discovery +250
  • Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis Bravo +200


  • Duck Dynasty A&E +225 (1/2 hour show)
  • The Soup E! +200 (1/2 hour show)
  • Psych USA +275
  • Whitechapel BBC America +250
  • Monster Man Syfy +225


  • Happily Divorced TV Land +200 (1/2 hour show)


  • Conan TBS +225


Q: Is Viggle available for Android?

A: Not yet. Per Viggle, an Android version of the app will be available in the future.

Q: Does Viggle have any social network sites?
A: Yes. They have a Twitter [], Facebook [], YouTube [] and Blog [].

Q: How can I contact Viggle Support?
A: Your best option is to contact them via e-mail at or send a Tweet to their Support Twitter []. You can also call 1-800-2VIGGLE!

Q: Where can I send my ideas or suggestions?
A: Send them via e-mail to!


Q: When can I check-in to a show?

A: You can check into a show at any time during the program, EXCEPT within the last 5 minutes of its airing. You do not have to check in when the show first starts.

Q: How do I receive points for checking in to a show?

A: Once you are checked into a show, you will receive points for the time you watched the show. Viggle assumes you watch until the end.

Q: How long will I receive points for watching?

A: You will continue earning points until: a) the show ends or b) you check in to another show.

Q: After I check in to a show, do I have to leave the app open?

A: No.

Q: What are “Featured Shows”?

A: The shows on the “Featured Shows carousel” are shows worth bonus points. In order to earn these, you MUST remain checked in to that show for at least 10 minutes.

Q: What about DVRed shows
A: Viggle can recognize recorded content, but may not always be able to do so. Shows that are not live CANNOT be manually checked into.

Q: What about shows on channels I don’t subscribe to?

A: You can still check into these shows manually.

Q: Viggle doesn’t seem to be listening to my TV!

A: In order for Viggle to listen to your TV (and check you in to the show), you need a microphone. If using an early generation iPod, you HAVE to have an EXTERNAL MICROPHONE in order for Viggle to HEAR your TV! Newer generation iPods have built in mics.

Q: Are there any limits on the amount of shows I can check into?
A: You may only check into and earn points for a MAXIMUM of 12 hours of television programming per day. The “day” resets at 12 AM Eastern each night. After this reset, you may begin watching and earning again.

Q: When will I get the points for a show that runs across the daily reset (e.g. 11pm to 1am EST)?
A: You’d be getting all the points as well as any bonus points for that show on the second next day. You only get points after the show ends or you check into something else, and there is no partial credit for the hour of TV watched on the previous day. If you’re looking for the points to credit on the first day, make sure you check into another show at least one minute before the reset (e.g. 11:59 pm)


Q: How can I earn Viggle points?
A: You can earn points in the following ways: checking-in to TV shows (2 points per minute), watching ads or trailers (15, 30, 50, 75 or 100 points), sharing check-ins on Twitter and/or Facebook (5 points per share) and participating in special events, such as Viggle LIVE (point amounts vary by event).

Q: I can’t re-watch the ads in the “featured show carousel”. Why?

A: After viewing a featured ad and the checkmark appears, click on the Whats On button. The ad will refresh (checkmark removed) and you can play again.

Q: My points appear to be lagging or not crediting.

A: Lag occurs regularly, especially during peak hours (primetime, after reset). Your points will add later on. Occasionally ads might not credit at all, however, but this is not as common as lag.

Q: Are there any limitations on the amount of points I can earn?
A: You can earn a MAXIMUM of 12,000 points per day. The “day” resets at 12 AM Eastern each night. After this reset, you may begin earning again.

Q: Is this point limit ever raised?
A: According to Viggle: “We’ll often raise the daily points-earning limits during promotions and Viggle Live events. We’ll be sure to let you know in advance through Twitter and Facebook.”

Q: How can I turn off point popup notifications?

A: See how to do so HERE!

Q: Are there any shows with long running times to check in to?
A: Yes – but remember these shows still count to your 12-hour limit.
CSPAN – “U.S. Senate”
CSPAN – “U.S. House of Representatives”
CSPAN – “Today in Washington”
NBA League Pass – “NBA League Wide”
NHL Center Ice – “NHL Center Ice”
Tennis Channel – various tennis opens


Q: What rewards can I redeem for?

A: Here’s the current prize list as of 3/27/12:

– 5,000 Points ($10 Credit): ScoreBig (Limit 1 per order)
– 7,500 Points ($5 Gift Card): Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Burger King, Lowes, Fandango, Papa John’s, Hot Topic, 1-800Flowers (Limit 1 per order), CVS
– 7,500 Points ($5 Donation): Covenant House, Boys & Girls Clubs of America
– 12,000 Points: One Month Hulu Plus
– 14,000 Points ($10 Gift Card): iTunes, JCPenney (Limit 2 per online order, NO LIMIT in store), Sephora (Limit 1 per order), Foot Locker, Banana Republic, GAP
– 17,500 Points: One Fandango Movie Ticket (Up to $12 value)
– 21,000 Points ($15 Gift Card): Chili’s
– 35,000 Points ($25 Gift Card): Travelocity Hotel
– 37,500 Points ($25 Gift Card): Best Buy
– 50,000 Points ($25 Gift Card): Target
– 375,000 Points: Kindle Fire

Q: What is the current “Viggle Deal”?

A: As of 3/27/12, the Viggle deal is: 15% off your entire order at for 3,000 points.

Q: If a reward was removed from the catalog, will it be back?
A: Most likely, but there are no guarantees. Rewards will often go out of stock, be removed from the catalog, and return later on.

Q: Will gift cards be added to the rewards again?

A: MAYBE! Viggle Support has said that they may return in the future.

Q: How often is the Viggle Deal updated?

A: The deal is updated randomly. In the past, a new deal has been released each week, but that is not always the case!

Q: I received an “Error 2045” when trying to redeem. What does that mean?

A: This means that your account has been flagged for suspicious activity. Please contact for more information!

Q: Is there a limit on the amount of rewards I can redeem?

A: Yes, you may only redeem a maximum of $550 in rewards per calendar year.

Q: Why didn’t I receive my reward via e-mail?

A: You have to confirm your e-mail address with Viggle before your rewards will be e-mailed to you. You may do so through your profile within the app.

Q: How can I view my rewards history?

A: See how HERE!

Q: How can I check the balance on my Best Buy gift card?

A: You can check the balance here []. You will need the gift card number & PIN!

Q: How can I combine gift cards or exchange them for a different one?

A: See more information on your available options HERE!


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