How you can save money decorating a birthday party

15 Feb

I saw this on another blog and thought I should share it with so many birthdays coming up!!


I’m throwing my daughter a birthday party for her 6th birthday.  We have always had large family parties for her in the past, and as a result have always told her that she can have a friends party once she gets into kindergarten.. Now its time to throw her a birthday party with her classmates, and of course I envisioned this big grand party, but its coming at the worst time for us financially.  We’ve decided to do it at home and sort of have a carnival/fair type theme since we are planning on buying her a blow up waterslide for her birthday and figured we’ll set that up for her and her friends.  Do you have any ideas or tips on how I can save money and still throw her a fabulous party?


Here comes my advice….*about decorating a party*….but I can’t wait to read your advice for Tracy on how to make her big kid party fabulous!

I personally get items from the Dollar Store! I love their decorations and have been able to find some great items there.

What I like to do for my little guy is to get one of their themed parties. For example, we did a Pirate Party and everything was Pirate theme and not too expensive at $1.00 for 20 party bags or 6 party hats!

For my older boy I like to get the non-themed party items. For example, just the Happy Birthday banners that are colorful, the blue paper cups, etc. Then, I will usually splurge on a Transformers Pinata, and table sheet. This way you can still have a “theme” and not have to pay $5.00 for a package of Transformers cups! Just buy the blue cups that will easily match.

This has been my favorite way to do the kiddos birthday parties. I still make the kids goody bags filled with items from the $1 store. Either way, they kids are going to be happy at the party…..they don’t care what the theme is as long as you have a couple items from that theme and LOTS of decor (which easily happens when shopping at The Dollar Store)!

Also, save the decorations (especially the Happy Birthday Banners) from the previous years. This saves me a ton every year because every year I have more and more and can use them for my little one!

One more TIP…..STREAMERS and BALLOONS (also found at the $1 store)!!! They are great and cheap for making it look like there are a ton of decorations everywhere!

And here are some comments readers made:

if you are looking to save money at a party: 1) pick a time where you are not expected to serve a meal. you can serve snacks like fruit, veggies, chips, and the party cake. most kids like to snack at parties anyways! 2) forgo the goody bag filled with a bunch of junk. i always make a point of giving usable, or edible items as favors. for instance, you are having a water slide party so why not get each child one of those big bubble wands. they cost $1 each at places like walmart and 6 years olds generally love them! you can attach a cute note to them with ribbon to dress them up a bit.

My kids’ favorite birthday parties didn’t require much money OR decorations! For my daughter’s 6th, she had a Princess Barbie themed party. For decor, we just decorated the table where the cake and gifts were with a princess bedsheet as a tablecloth, some balloons and pink, purple and silver curly ribbon. The main decor was her princess castle tent (she already had the tent) that we set up for the girls in the living room, and decorated the inside like a Barbie clothing boutique! In lieu of goodie bags (which I think are way overrated, anyway) the girls got to choose “new-to-you” barbie outfits! We had told the guests on their invitation to bring their favorite Barbie, and I spent about $20 on ebay and at yard sales buying TONS of pre-owned Barbie clothes which I washed in a lingerie bag in the washer. The girls had a BLAST playing barbie dress up, and got to take 5-6 new outfits home for their Barbies.  That year for my son’s 8th birthday, I set up a pup tent in the living room, and let him have a “camp-in”  with a few of his buds. Ambience is key for this one, so I used a nature sounds cd & an outdoorsy room scent spray (to make it believable- and yes, the boys noticed lol). We turned off the lights & used 3 of those fake halloween fire cauldrons as the campfire,  and since he doesn’t like cake, we had smores instead! We told almost-scary stories and played hot potato and other camp games around the “fire” until the boys passed out. They had a ball!

bring back old carnival games dunking for apples…great for a hot day…. throwing darts at picture…. watch out behind…. and my family personal fav which always gets laughs so have the camera ready… pin the tail on the donkey…get daddy or anyone who will come out on all fours naying like a donkey to come out… the kids will start laughing but be confused your little one will be like omg really.. then hand the little ones clothes pins with a sock or any fabric (we make each one different colors,,cause we have cheaters…lol) really and tell them to pin the donkey no blind fold just a crazy person being chased by kids…lol… my family the adults join in and it can get wild but normally we let the kids have their fun first…

OK so I have a little one that is in the 1st grade.. Her’s is in the Winter =( not alot to do! so what lil girl dont like princess themed and cake and pizza! EVEN MOMMA LIKED THE IDEA! So where I began.. I got party favors (for the bags at Walmart) $1 a bag for 6 of each so I got 2 bags of rings, braclets and necklace!  ($6.. 12 kids) Best part that the kids loved.. I made home made lip gloss.. (Dollar store for this) $1 container of Petroleum Jelly and 2 eye showdows ($1 it was a pack that had both color eyes shadows) purple and pink I bought small containers from Micheals and had 50% coupon for the set of containers! I think came out to like $2! plates and cups I bought from the $store as well! say $4 and my husband made home made pizza! made up all the dough from items we had already! bought chesse and sauce!  let just say around $4 (no coupons) Where I splurged and it was totaly my choice cause we were moving out of state as we are Military so I wanted something special my princess could walk away with and keep forever! they Kids decorated scrapbook pages for a scrapbook and I took pic of the hole party! Paid $10 on the book! Now the BEST part.. I made a Barbie Princess cake! Bought a cheap barbie from walmart $5 and had a cake mix ($1 walmart as well)  and made frosting home made (butter cream) very cheap and easy to make! THE KIDS HAD A BLAST AND talked about in class for the rest of the month, We left at the end of the month! lol and I asked ALL parents to have there lil girls dress in a princess dress of there choice and could have been just something in there closet! and we did make overs! Even used the home-made lip gloss =) Grand Total of Party: ( I added $5 more in just in case… but $40

** But here is the ADVICE shop around take maybe 2 hrs out and look at stores that are around and shop where u can get it cheaper! be creative and NO MATTER WHAT YOUR CHILD WILL LOVE IT NO MATTER! WHATS IMPORTANT TO THEM IS THAT THERE FRINEDS ARE THERE, GIFTS AND THEY HAVE FUN =)

oK i didnt give any advice of your party theme! so here are some to add to things!!!

~You could get a pillow case (one you have thats old) “Potato sack race” or thicker string and tie it on there legs works the same! ~Fishing- Get sticks tie string on it and add a magnet to the end and go fishing! ( print sea animals out and have them laminated (would be cheap b/c it would only be like 1-2 pges) and add magnets on back of them! ~Crab leg craw ~ get a box fill with socks ( and socks are so they cant fell everything) and add items in to pull out If I think of more then I will come add more to the list! and I would make my own cake! or even cupcakes! Here is a Cute cheap ice cream cake! Take 8*10 pan and fill bottom up with Ice cream sandwiches add a layer of Chocolate on the top of that and add another layer of ice cream sandwiches and yet another layer of Chocolate and then add your fav. cookie or you can use whip cream to ( and can make it any color with food coloring) add that on top of that ( one I did oreos and the other I did blue cool whip) and then added gummy worms on the oreo one and the blue cool whip I used Gummy dolphins!  FREEZE when done untill ready to use! YUMMY and kids love it too Even if you dont like ice cream sandwiches this is soooo good!

So many great ideas!!!


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